Visiting Jammu and Kashmir? Do a Little Extra

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“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by”, you really concentrated in school if you recognize these lines from Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”( Frost, in his poem, has beautifully described that one might enjoy what has once been experienced by another; but to discover something new is to truly realize the enigma of nature. The choice to be different, the choice to explore a different perspective is what brings joy and peace to mind.

But then, why does my title narrate something that is experienced by someone else? Because a little guidance never hurt anyone, and hearing to experiences generate curiosity to discover more of such hidden treasures. And what better place to explore at than the serene, mystical and wide fields of Jammu and Kashmir?

So, here is a photo grid of ecstasies wrapped in awe that introduces you to some offbeat things that one can do in Jammu and Kashmir.


  1. Choose Homestays with Kashmiri Families and learn about the real Kashmir, accompanied by delicious native food delicacies.


  1. Hit a snowball and get hit by many more, there is abundant of it.


  1. Beat the cold in Kashmiri Hamam, a place that warms you inside out.


  1. Go river rafting in Gulmarg and Sonmarg. Yes, that’s possible!


  1. Ride Snow Scooters in Gulmarg, new addition.


  1. Eat Tujjis (Barbeques) at Khayam Chowk.


  1. Try water skiing in Dal Lake, go desi style.


  1. Meet the talented craftsmen of the valley.


  1. Revisit your childhood and make a snowman.


  1. Visit Gurez Valley, the high Himalayas.



Well, such lists don’t really have an ending, therefore, I have tried to mention some of the unique things that one can plan to do while visiting Jammu and Kashmir. Hope they help you experience a different side of the Kashmir valley and summer capital Jammu. Also, keep updating us and help us add more enigmas to our list of 10.