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The Amar Mahal Palace is a palace in Jammu which has now been converted into a Museum.

This palace was built in the nineteenth century for Raja Amar Singh, a Dogra king by a French architect on the lines of a French Chateau.

The palace has since been donated to the Hari-Tara charitable trust by Dr. Karan Singh to be used as a museum.

It has many exhibits including a #goldenthroneweighing 120 kg,

Pahari miniature and Kangra miniature paintings, a library of 25,000+ antique books and many rare art collections. — at Amar Mahal Palace.

kashmiri life | Kashmir Culture , food
kashmiri life | Kashmir Culture , food
kashmiri life | Kashmir Culture , food

Ladhak: The Little Tibet in the Kashmir Valley!

Now and in time to be,

Wherever green is worn…

A terrible beauty is born.

-W.B Yeats

One such region that lies in Jammu and Kashmir is Ladakh, the land of high passes and green forests. No matter what the prevailing condition in the valley may be, none can deny the peaceful and picturesque landscape of Ladakh.

Enriched with the boundless beauty of high snow-capped mountains, natural valleys, rivers and springs, Ladakh attracts all kinds of tourist from all over the world:

Get A Bullet Start To The Journey:
Yes, for backpackers who are always on the lookout for an adventure. There are bike trips to Ladakh, conducted every year and it passes through some of the most breathtaking, challenging and awe-inspiring landscapes found on this planet that will leave your jaw hanging. The highlight of bike tours to Leh-Ladakh is Khardung-La which is the highest motorable road in the world and to drive through the Himalayan passes is surely an exhilarating experience.

ThePangongLake: Situated at a height of 4,250, far away in a barren land in Ladakh, Pangong Lake is one of the largest brackish lakes in Asia. This charismatic lake is known for its blue crystal clear water that lies over an area of 100 kilometers across the borders of two countries in India and China. Pangong Lake is also known as “hollow lake”. There’s something about the sight of dreamy, blue crystal clear water that just soothes the mind of a traveler.

TheLamayuru Monastery, Ladakh:

Lamayuru monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh situated in the village of Lamayuru, also known as “Moon Land”. It is situated at Srinagar-Leh highway at a height of 3,510 meters. Lamayuru monastery was founded by Mahasiddhacharya Naropa in the 11th century and belongs to Red-Hat sect of Buddhism. Why is it called Moon Land? It is because moon-like landscapes are carved into the Greater Himalayas. Few places on earth can rival its charm.

Remembering the beautiful roots of Srinagar

14708092_1634203916872530_5286368404071399063_o  Remembering the beautiful roots of Srinagar with this Watercolour painting of The Mar Cana, Srinagar, made by Frederick Ward Denys and Col. H. H. Hart. c. 1915

Rupshu Valley


Picturesquely located in the secluded, Heartstopping Rupshu Valley is
flanked by lofty mountains 4,000 meters above sea level.
Tso Moriri, the Blue Salt Lake, is about 29 Km long & 8 km wide.

#ComeFor : The Wildlife; Migratory Birds; Marmots; The Rare Tibetan Wolves; The Giant Mirror In The Water, Surrounded by space and mountains; Witnessing the bewitching beauty

#StayFor : The beautiful blue pallet (Especially in the night), the Sunrise, the Sunset, the Calm, For Atleast A Night.