10 Real- Unusual- Heavenly Pictures from Kashmir

10 Real- Unusual- Heavenly Pictures from Kashmir


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”- Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

Kashmir is heaven on earth. No doubts! But what makes it beautiful? Its landscape scenic beauty? Snow covered length? Or Sun drenched sky?

“Well, it is the human eye!

It’s in the eye of the seeker,

In the soul of the bearer.

Because what is beauty but truth,

What is heavenly but snood?”

Surely, the splendidness of the beauty of Kashmir can’t be described in words, nor can it be recited in verse. But through this article, I have tried to put forward an unusually beautiful part of our valley in the form of photographs picked up from Instagram profiles of various people- each with a different perspective and lens.


The journey to heaven begins:

  1. The Blue Sky


kashmir, best pictures, winters in kashmir



Kashmir is generally covered in clouds and snow and sunlight skipping beats in between of clouds. But rahul_gallery has a different story to tell. His picture defines beauty of departure in the form of love between dawn and the night.

  1. The Streets and Sheep


kashmir, best pictures, winters in kashmir



This photographer, sneha_ailsinghania writes the story of the greenery of the month of june in her photograph. She captures the herd of sheep, their beautiful flowing hair, quest to reach leaves on trees, and in it, embraces the beauty of Kashmir.


  1. The Snow Sloppy Fields


kashmir, best pictures, winters in kashmir



Yamini.1gupta decides to take on the candid. The candid trees that tilt a little, the sun that looks like a huge focus light and the snow slope that defines a bit of field is the basic couture of her photograph.


  1. The Greens of Dal


kashmir, best pictures, winters in kashmir




No sun setting pictures of Shikaras, no flower dressed shores! thepioneerofthenorth0822’s definition of Dal Lake is a common Kashmiri man taking his Shikara through an untouched and yet beautiful stream of the lake.


  1. The Heartland- Gulmarg


kashmir, best pictures, winters in kashmir



I am exceptionally in awe of Gulmarg and its beauty. Seen it, been in it and with it; but never have a picture expressed Gulmarg in an omniscient manner. Kashmir7888 has discovered this this lens of the valley and no words justify its beauty!


  1. The Winds of Winter


kashmir, best pictures, winters in kashmir



The dark is beautiful in Kashmir, because the white snow shines through the trees. This amazing- amazing picture from amazingindia_ explores the real winter in Kashmir.


  1. The Shadows and Land


kashmir, best pictures, winters in kashmir



101india has never failed to identify most uncommon aspects of India and so it does justice here. Five shadows, shades of ethnic surreal land and Kashmiri Sufi getup; what else does one require to soak their eyes with magnificence?


  1. The Confused Chaos


kashmir, best pictures, winters in kashmir



There is beauty in chaos, charm in confusion and it is only at Dal Lake that one can witness this fusion. captivatingkashmir captures an equally charming picture of Shikaras, mingled and tangled in each other, which is in fact the real beauty of the lake.


  1. The Tip of the Top


kashmir, best pictures, winters in kashmir


The crescent valley of Patni Top tatters its road in snow, and what comes out of it is only awe. in.prateek captures a chilling moment in the valley that many have dream to witness. The mist and the snow is the blur that defines it all.

  1. The Divine Divinity


kashmir, best pictures, winters in kashmir



reeneta_dutta’s genius of photography has made every bit of the sky, free birds and their shadows on ground speak the language of divine. Even the Dargah Sharif must have smiled to this scenic scenery.


Feel free to share your views on the photographs and share with us more such unusual captures.

Kashmiri restaurant, best kashmiri food

Best Kashmiri Restaurants across India

Best Kashmiri Restaurants across India
A cuisine is the most effective way of expressing the culture of a particular place and as Alex Atala says, “I believe that cuisine is the most important link between nature and culture”, it is also a positive utilization of the magnificent nature. Cuisine is born out of diverseness in society which works as a platform to display the traditional & cultural beliefs of a particular region. And it gradually transcends all geographical boundaries to make a name for itself. It travels fearlessly, unafraid of storms in oceans, eruption of mountains, dryness of desserts and even dense-dark forests of the world to reach people who can’t come to it.
Kashmiri cuisine just like Pashmina is a reflection of Kashmiri culture. It is loved and enjoyed worldwide. A trip to Kashmir is incomplete without the local cuisines like Tabakhmaaz, Shab Deg, Rogan Josh, Bakery tradition (known for its Baqarkhani roti), Kahwah and the multi-course meal Wazwan.
Here is a guide, more or less an experience of Kashmiri food available across our multi-cultural country. I along with my friends have travelled widely in India and we have come across some excellent restaurants that serve Kashmiri food with almost a perfection in taste. For those who want to enjoy and explore Kashmiri cuisine, here are some restaurants located in different cities of India.
Kashmiri restaurant in delhi
Delhi is widely dynamic and full of cultural diversity that makes it a hub of multiple cuisines. Gulfam Kashmiri Wazwan is a small food joint in the streets near Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah. If you are seeking really original taste of Kashmiri food, jump on to their Gushtaba and Roganjosh.
Address: Building 5, Basti, Hazrat Nizamuddin, Nizamuddin, New Delhi (+91 9899110786)
2. MATAMAAL, Gurugram, Haryanabest kashmiri restaurant in gurgaon
As we entered the Matamaal restaurant, we were taken aback by its traditional Kashmiri look and soft Kashmiri music that brushed against our skin giving us goose bumps. Unlike other restaurants, Matamaal is full on its menu with Kashmiri vegetarian dishes. And ofcourse, don’t try to forget their Mutton Kanti in non-vegetarian.
Address: 203, DLF City Court, Sikandarpur, Gurgaon (+91 9899499043)

3. AL MADINA KASHMIRI TEA, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Kashmiri tea, Noon chai, pink tea, novelty of lucknow

Are you a Tea lover? Try Kashmiri Tea (Noon Chai), the Novelty of Lucknow. The tea is prepared in a copper kettle (Kashmiri Samovar), is salty in taste, and pink in colour. The Noon chai sustains the essence of its origin and depicts the presence of Kashmiri culture in Lucknow. Find it at Al Madina.
Address: Akbari Gate Nakkhas Lko, Akbari Gate Nakkhas Lko, Chowk, Chowk, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (+91 93352 96412)

4. ZARPAR, Jaipur, Rajasthan

best kashmiri restaurant in jaipur
Experience Kashmir in Jaipur with the fine dining of Zarpar. The theme based restaurant serves all kinds of Kashmir delicacies and is a perfect place to explore Kashmiri food. The restaurant has a wide ambience and have chosen names and places from Kashmir to describe it, e.g. Dewan Khana (The Fine Dine), Pari Mahal (The House Boat), Tasweer (The Selfie Point) etc. Zarpar is like a miniature of Kashmir in bits.
Address: 9th Floor, SDC Vinay, 38-39, Mauji Colony, Opp. Bharat Petroleum Pump,
Kelgiri Road, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur (+91-9928021666)

5. POUSH, Mumbai, Maharashtra

best kashmiri restaurant in mumbai
After a long stay in Mumbai it was Phirni in Poush that quenched my sweet tooth. I can’t seem to forget the way they made Phirni here, absolutely like in Kashmir. Also, the Mutton Roganjosh added to my satisfying meal. The serene rains of Mumbai and tempting smell of Kashmiri food totally made my visit worth a while at this amzing dinner.
Address: S-25, Floor 2, Phoenix Market City, LBS Road, Kurla, Mumbai (+91 9820113235)

6. HILTON, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

best kashmiri food in chennai
Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, the specialty chef of Kashmiri Cuisine in Hilton Hotel is a magician of cooking. Visit the hotel to experience authentic mouth-watering Kashmiri food made by him. I assure you, you will not come out of the dinner without a decision to visit it again. India is indeed incredible that even in Chennai, the essence of Kashmiri food is sustained. This serves as an appropriate example of cuisine being beyond boundaries.
Address: 124/1, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd, Poomagal Nagar, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
(044 2225 5555)

7. BULAQI KASHMIRI BAKERY, Hyderabad, Telangana

kashmiri bakery
At Bulaqi’s you will find varieties of pastries, snacks, cakes and sweets with Kashmiri touch in it. The Baqerkhani made by the bakery is delicious and well baked. You will not find the variety of desserts elsewhere in Hyderabad other than here. A perfect place for the sweet tooths.
Address: 6-2-922, Khairatabad Road, Hyderabad (+91 9885880726)

And that is where my list ends. I will write more as soon as I get to explore. Also, let us know about your experiences at these places if you ever visit them. We at Kashmiri Life will look forward to your responses.