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The Coach Behind the little World Champions of Kashmir

Faisal Ali Dar, a 26-year-old is a former sports champion. Inspired by the movies of Bruce Lee, he won his first Gold in a state level Taekwondo championship in 2005. Post winning, he inaugurated his sports academy in the hinterland of his house with an aim to boost the sports sector in Kashmir. He got his first black belt in Kickboxing in 2008. Later in 2011 and 2013, he bagged Gold and Silver at championships in Iran and India respectively. Faisal says that our society is not flexible enough to encourage children towards sports. Usually, parents don’t support their children to take up sports as a career. He says, when he won his first Gold he didn’t find anyone to welcome him but today he is happy to see people welcoming his students who won Gold in championships with open arms.

kashmiri life | Kashmir Culture , food

ParvezRasool- A rising cricketer of Kashmir

Parvez Ghulam Rasool Zargar is a rising cricketer from Kashmir and the current captain of the team of Jammu Kashmir. He is an avid batsman with bowling skills of the same level. He is now a member of team India and represents India at all levels. Parveez was born on 13 February 1989, in Bijbehara, Jammu and Kashmir.