Snowfall in Kashmir

Snowfall in Kashmir

Winters are here already and there is no place better than Kashmir to celebrate winters especially ‘THE SNOWFALL’. A layer of snow over the mountains, eminent chinar trees and sunlight transmitting through the clouds makes a scenic view. You can’t even distinguish is it heaven or some place on Earth. No, I am not exaggerating but the beauty of Kashmir is for real, Winters are more like festival in Kashmir. Although it is freezing cold, temperature even goes to minus but it’s still so much fun. Now let’s have a look what all things you can do during the snowfall in Kashmir and make it even more joyful.



Kashmir provides you multiple options for the bunch of activities you can do here, for an incredible, one-of-its-kindexperience. Skiing, Sleigh Riding, Ice Skating and Ice Hockey are some of the best sports that will give you the adrenaline rush.


Snowfall in Kashmir

For Skiing, Gulmarg is the prime destination as it is one of the world’s highest lift-served ski resorts. Another attraction there, is the Gandola Cable Car lift which is one of the highest cable car projects in Asia.


Snowfall in Kashmir

For Ice Skating and Ice Hockey, Srinagar and Pahalgam are the ideal location. Don’t know how to play any of these sports? No need to worry as there are many trainers available who can guide you with these sports.

Still looking for more excitement? Try Heli-Skiing, to experience another level of thrill.  In Heli-Skiing, a chopper gets you to the   Like others, Gulmarg is the perfect spot for this too.



You must be thinking when it snows all around then how a ride in a river is possible. Yes, it is! The temperature during the winters goes to a certain level that makes the rivers and lakes in the region partially frozen. Dal Lake is perfect place for a ride in Shikara with your loved ones. The beauty of Dal is even more enhanced during the snowfall. It’s quite mesmerizing to be on a boat and soft snowflakes falling down silently. There are no ‘rush moments’ so you can completely relax and enjoy the beauty of Kashmir.

Recently, a group of college students from Kashmir have developed a ‘Shikara App’ for booking the rides. This has become a very convenient option for the people and has gained popularity.


Snowfall in Kashmir



Imagine stepping out of your tent in bone chilling weather and you are surrounded by snow from all the direction, isn’t it a dreamy site? Kashmir is the one of the best places for winter camping and trekking. Away from all the crowd, camping creates a peace within your heart and mind. Mount Nun Kun Camping, the trek to Sankaracharya and Mount Harmukh Camping are some of the location you can consider for camping.

Snowfall in Kashmir


Festivals and Fairs are the top attraction for the people during the season of winters. Every year in the month of January Snow Festival is held in Gulmarg. People come with full enthusiasm and attend all the fun activities and cultural shows. It’s a 3 day festival that includes a number of activities like snow cycling, snowboarding and skiing. However snow cycling is the most popular. Cultural shows represent the Kashmiri heritage and arts.

We can definitely say Snowfall in Kashmir is an experience we all should have at least once in a lifetime. Snow makes Kashmir happy!

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