PHERAN- A Dress Defining The Richness Of Kashmir

Ladies-with-Pehran-dancing- kashmiri lifeKashmir has always been adored because of its beauty, rich culture, the spices, the cdress (Pheran) and a lot more. Kashmir has been described as one of the prettiest gift from nature.Once you visit Kashmir you will get emotionally attached to everything there. The feeling of belongingness automatically generates as you explore Kashmir. Kashmir is the place which has been beautifully decorated by god himself.

The place carries a rich, beautiful and a healthy culture. The shikaras, the kahwah (Kashmiri tea) and obviously the “pheran” are the symbols of richness of Kashmiri culture. The pheran is a complete traditional Kashmiri outfit which is worn by both male and female of Kashmir. It is a long gown type dress which is designed according to the climate of Kashmir. The length of pheran reaches to the ankle.

kashmiri-wearing-Pehran- kashmiri life

The term pheran is derived from the Greek word that means “APRON”. There are also beliefs related to pheran that it got its name from Central Asia i.e from Tajikistan as peraband. The actual origin of pheran can be found from the “MUGHALS” who inspired the tradition of long dress.

A pheran is carried with the combination of poots by local Kashmiri people to protect themselves from cold weather. Pheran and poots are the mostly in the same pattern but of different fabric. A poots is long loose cotton dress in the same pattern of pheran. It differs from pheran just in the term of texture. A pheran is made up of pure wool which keeps the body warm. Pheran and poots makes a complete set of attire. Pheran and poots are carried one above the other. This attire looks majestic with narrow sleeves. Pheran has been designed in such a way that it goes completely perfect with both the gender. The embroidery is done on pheran worn by female, and the one worn by male is kept simple without any embroidery.

Tourist wearing pheran traditional dress- Kashmiri life

Pheran was designed according to the cold and snowy winters of Kashmir, but later this became popular because of its distinct design and beautiful style. It started becoming popular around the world. Number of tourists who have visited Kashmir must have got clicked in traditional Kashmiri attire.With its complete styling, a proper pheran is designed and dressed with lots of accessories such as ‘Kasaba’ which is a headgear.
It is stitched just like a turban and tied at back side of head. The front side of head is covered with beautiful silver accessories, those attractive designed jewellery covers the half round of head in a very beautiful manner. The jewellery looks best with pherans. Heavy silver earrings in the designs of jhumkas go perfect with pheran. The embroidery done on pheran are of silver, gold, silk, zari and many more.
Pheran comes in much attractive color with beautiful embroidery. This beautiful dress has a different beauty and has a different charm. This attire has now reached to a different level. Pheran has been introduced to different fashion shows. Many actors and actresses while acting as a Kashmiri are seen in this beautiful attire. It is a beautiful as well a decent outfit, gives the perfect essence of Kashmir!

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