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Kashmiri Gift Giving 101: Traditions And Customs

Let me share a secret today! If you are like me, you love giving gift as much as you love receiving them. There’s absolutely nothing like receiving a gift. Today let’s talk about the gift giving traditions of Kashmir.
Along with its beautiful and vibrant landscapes, lakes, pleasant weather, the valley of Kashmir is culturally and traditionally so unique and vibrant that even people from other states would agree upon it. In our state the idea of congratulating people on new beginnings with its elaborate gifts has been well established since ancient times. This very old tradition that we religiously follow is called ‘Mubarkas gasun’ (Going to each other’s household to congratulate one another on auspicious occasions).

We celebrate almost anything and everything! And as a token of love we present gifts. Just like us our gifts are also unique.

Shower your love on different occasions with a unique gift from this list:

1.Kashmiri Almonds in a gift box

Let Kashmiri Almonds save your time and make your ‘mubarakas (congratulations)‘ even more special. Because of its superiority of taste they are very popular with the consumers. You won’t find almonds like these anywhere outside Kashmir. This festive season make things sweet by not forgetting to put some candies and the fancily pleated money intermingled with the almonds.

2.Kashmiri Almond - Kashmiri Gift giving 101: Traditions and customs - Kashmiri life

2.The power of a Juice crate

Short on time but looking for the perfect gift box? This gift crate combines tradition, savings as well as satisfaction. Tasty juice gift pack is highly in demand owing to its flavor varieties and durability. Aunties’ carrying a juice crate is a common sight here in Kashmir.

3.Juice-crate- Kashmiri Gift giving 101: Traditions and customs - Kashmiri life

3.Perfect and always on demand – Fruits

A basket that has colorful, farm fresh and 100% ripe and juicy fruits is the perfect gift to express happiness on different occasions. Not only that this is also a perfect a gift of wellness you can carry. One gift that was shaped to serve two purposes: share happiness and health.

4.Fruit-basket - Kashmiri Gift giving 101: Traditions and customs - Kashmiri life

4.Bakery and confectionery

From cakes to pastries to patties we Kashmiris are very fond of our breads and buns! Need the best bakery that is sure to impress your guest? Try Just Baked, Crème Bakery, Baker Boy and many more. No get together is ever complete without bakery items. We all have very well know local small bakeries that aare the best place for affordable yet good quality bakery items.

5.A gift that can stand the test of time.Gold

Extravagant generosity. Gold makes an unbeatable impression when given on big career achievements of our children, weddings, the birth of a baby and even when a girl child in the family gets her ears pierced. We gift each other gold as it brings good luck and can even multiply in value.
Popular in this section are the gold coins with a King Edward posing on it.

6.Gold- Kashmiri Gift giving 101: Traditions and customs - Kashmiri life

Having a hard time buying the perfect gift? Why not gift Money to each other in fancy envelopes as a token of love! This is called ‘Vartaav karun’. Giving cash in Kashmiri weddings is a very common practice and we can buy the gift our choice.
7.Money- Kashmiri Gift giving 101: Traditions and customs - Kashmiri life

6.The irreplaceable love for Sweets

We are sweet and we love our sweet treats as well.
Ditch your diabetes villain for a day and go for a box of sweets from the popular ‘Shakti Sweets’ or ‘The Modern Sweets‘ on the Residency Road. This also makes a good gift to bring on an auspicious occasion.

8.Sweet- 7.Money- Kashmiri Gift giving 101: Traditions and customs - Kashmiri life


Copper is recognized as a symbol of wealth. Gifting ‘Traam‘ is an old tradition still treasured in Kashmir.
Forget gold, the traditional wedding gift we love getting and giving is Copper. It comes in various forms, some may bring you ‘Traamuk Toor’ or ‘Kyenz‘ which are traditional rice bowls with intricate designs on the outside and on weddings one also gifts the bride/groom things like the ‘Samavar‘ (Traditional Kashmiri Copper Kettle) and the ‘Isband Soz’ (The Traditional Copper Incense Burner)

Probably the last on our list is the warm hugs. What can replace the indescribable joy of receiving warm hugs? Nothing!

And if you take pleasure in reading then this article is a gift for you from our side.

You do not have to be rich to be generous.”
Kashmiris are generous people and giving makes them happy. Their lifestyle and traditions are very different from the rest of the world. We cherish our traditions and absolutely love them!