Kashmiri Fun-facts

The weekend’s approaching and let us help you celebrate the days. Take a 15 minutes break from whatever you’re doing to treat yourself with these Kashmiri fun-facts, it can be great fun and done just anywhere. These fun elements can be a mental relaxation and de-stress for the ones who’ve had a rough week. For the ones who are bored and have 15 minutes to kill, check out this weird but true list.

As they say, “Kindness and a generous spirit go a long way. And a sense of humor. It’s like medicine – very healing.”
And the good news is, not only are we kind and generous we’re also known for our sense of humour. These are not our words,

Let’s start with the embarrassing ones. All Kashmiris have a tragedy in life, we have a substitute for our given beautiful official names. And hang on, our nicknames are very different from the rest of India and can be humiliating to the power of infinity as well.

Family reunion?
The big Kashmiri family tree concept is still real and full. Every random gathering in Kashmir is a meetup with your extended family members whom you’ve never seen.

The best pickup line, literally.
Okay, one second, we are literally aware of this secret nonetheless most of us believe in it or we’re just too lazy to even correct them.

My dear Kashmiris, we speak way too much Kashmiri, and it’s true.
A conversation in Hindi works just alright with our hilarious. We are a species in ourselves and here is why.

My favourite one.
Have you always been a fan of Kashmiri music? Thank us later for reviving your memories associated with the song. The heaven on Earth also sing these songs.

Always have room for more? Well hello there!
We will bring our guests food that can overcome their satiety signals, so even though you are full you eat it because we force you to.
May all who come as guests leave as friends.

Mealtimes are fantastic.
We love our food and we know you’d do too. We consume our food voraciously. Kashmiri food satisfies everyone’s taste bud, but if you disagree, let’s face it, we don’t trust your taste bud. Our identity is solely by what we eat.

  1. S – This section has been created to bring forward what/how/when we do in a humorous way. Hurting sentiments or feelings of anyone is not intended.

Source – THANK YOU http://kashmirasitis.com/kashmiri-fun-jokes

With this we come to the end of the article with a positive thought. Looking for more funny quotes? Keep following the space.