KASHMIRI FUN-FACT, Guaranteed to PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE and Brighten up your day.

We at Kashmiri Life had decided to collect the most interesting Kashmiri fun-fact and no, we will not fail you. Put aside all your work for ten minutes and check out this list of some more Kashmiri fun-facts that’ll keep you entertained for some time and boost your productivity at work as they say, “Happiness inspires productivity.” Without wasting much time let’s dive into Kashmiri fun-facts straightaway.


Kashmiri fun-fact – An adorable thing that every mom does and we absolutely love it.


She loves you more than her life but is also the one who keeps pricking you on all your mistakes trying to make you a better person, and no prizes for guessing she is ‘A mother’. Here I’d like to take an opportunity to quote the legendary actor Mr. Shashi Kapoor, “Mere paas Maa hae”. ‘Maa/Mother/Mouji/Ammi’, a word that evokes strong emotions. Let’s start with an adorable thing that every Kashmiri mother does. Keeping us before herself always proves her unconditional love for us. Here is our summarized experience. Her drama is never ending but that is what lights up your life, isn’t it?


Kashmiri fun-fact –Kashmiris Hindi speaking skills.

We are known for our notorious Hindi speaking skills. When it comes to speaking the Hindi language we simply get confused. Here’s a proof.

Kashmiri fun-fact – Kashmiri English vs. Indian English


We have a different accent in pronouncing things. As per pronunciation is concerned Just as it is difficult to remove ‘heaven’ from Kashmir, similarly, it is difficult to remove an extra ‘a’ from our pronunciations. I can give you a list of mispronounced words, but wait, mistake me not; Koshur is honey-sweet on the ears.

Kashmiri fun-fact – Our way of mastering the wedding dance

Fearing the wedding season as it’s time to get your groove on? No need to fear, we are here with a step-by-step guide to an easy dance move that anyone can master. Yes, heard about the ‘screwing those light bulbs’ step? A simple extending your arms outwards and bringing them in and repeating the step five to six times are all about our dance.

Kashmiri fun-fact – Our showing off skills

Apart from showing off our dance skills we can randomly enter an artifacts shop and show off how much we know about the products and leave the shop without buying anything and without even feeling guilty about it. Part of our strategy is to make the shopkeepers feel that their product is not worth buying.


Kashmiri fun-fact – The love of our life(Food)

How can we write an article on Kashmiri Fun-facts and not talk about food even once? If food is what you think all day and all night, you are a true Kashmiri. We may be sharing this common interest with the rest of the country, but our love for food is one step ahead.  “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

Conclusion: We will weave in more fun-facts you didn’t know about a Kashmiri. Trust me there are so many Kashmiri fun-facts to share with you! Bet our list is so far the unique!