Kashmir Through the Lens of Travel Bloggers

Kashmir Through the Lens of Travel Bloggers

While planning a trip, researching is the first step!

Reading blogs about the place, searching for the best locations to visit and looking for the most famous food to go gluttony over, plays a major role in developing enthusiasm to visit a destination. After the exciting whereabouts comes the question of safety, travelling during night, compatibility for travelling alone, etc.

While planning a trip to Jammu and Kashmir, a common thought that comes in our mind is, “Is it safe to travel to Jammu and Kashmir?”


Yes, it is completely safe, sound and wonderful to travel to the beautiful heaven of Jammu and Kashmir.

Let us take you down to some of the most reliable word of mouth on social media: The Travel Bloggers


Neelima Vallangi

Neelima Vallangi is one of the most known travellers of India. She and her travel story can be simple defined as “The Wandering Soul’s Wandering tales”.

Neelima Vallangi

While Neelima has been to many places in and outside of India, Jammu and Kashmir has not remained out of her list. She defines Kashmir as what we all know as “A PARADISE” in her blogs.

Kashmir Camp

She has written about Kashmir not once but multiple times, describing its beauty, compatibility of travelling, individual locations like Gulmarg, etc. Reading her blogs is pure magic. She does not only represent an outsiders view but also the experience of living and sharing day to day life with the locals.

kashmir ki raat

Read her magical blogs on Kashmir @travelwithneelima

Find her on Instagram @neelimav


Abhinav Chandel

“The guy who quit his job to become a full time traveller and photographer”, The Better India.

Abhinav Chandel

This is enough to describe the genius of Abhinav Chandel. With a vast fan following on Instagram, followers upto 107 K, and love from all parts of India, Abbhinav goes around with the motivational user name of “ABHIANDNOW”, (meaning right now).

Kashmir train

Abhinav chose to describe the undefinable beauty of Kashmir through his blessed talent in poetry, personifying the serenity of the valley into his beloved muse.

“So I think of you, my words sing of you,

as these fragrances bring you back to me and so I search for you,

Outside the window, under a blue sky, midst the green fields of this land,

I look for you and then, I find you like Kashmir.”  -Abhinav Chandel

Source: https://medium.com/abhiandnow/i-find-you-like-kashmir-34991d587517

Dal Lake


He defines Kashmir as “Untouched, Unexplored, Unheard, Unseen and Unsaid” and marks the most beautiful quality of the valley. Everytime you visit Kashmir, it will bring you something new to witness.

Read Abhinav Chandel’s pretty description of Kashmir @medium.com

For his exceptional photography, find him of Instagram @abhiandnow


Sandeepa and Chetan

The power travel couple, Sandeepa and Chetan quit their jobs, sold their house and decided to travel the world together, and now, they are giving all of us major travel, couple and photography goals through their wonderful stories and blogs.

Sandeepa and Chetan

Unravelling the offbeat areas of Jammu and Kashmir, mingling with the local people to present the most efficient account of real Kashmir and unfolding a complete guide and itinerary for travelling to the valley, there are no better guides then the blogs of Sandeepa and Chetan.

Nice View of kashmir

The also have some of the best pictures of the children and people of the valley to us in their blog, which are undoubtedly going widely viral on internet. They are truly blessed!

Read their incredible blogs on Kashmir @sandeepachetan.com

Find them on Instagram @sandeepachetan


Jammu and Kashmir has been a major travel destination since its very existence. All our parents, grand-parents have loving and romantic memories of their travel to the valley. And Inshaallah, even today, Jammu and Kashmir is blessed with a happy tourist footfall every year.

Kids of kashmir

At Kashmiri Life, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all the travel bloggers who bestow their love for the valley through their kind words and photos. Kashmir awaits more of you, travel to us!