Kashmir – An Ideal Place for Wedding Destination

Kashmiri Wedding Decor

“Will you marry me?”… “Yes!” So what’s next? Wedding Destination? Oh! Yes. Mostly Indian couples believe they should invest in big fat wedding ceremonies away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life and so choosing a  wedding destination is becoming popular these days. The Maharaja style Royal Weddings or serene and calm beachside Goa Weddings are so yesterday. These days a new place is becoming a main point of interest and that is KASHMIR: Heaven on Earth.

The ethereal beauty of Kashmir is totally unmatched. Away from the chaos and noises of the cities, in the serenity of nature, every girl would wish to say “I do” in the most romantic and exquisite way. So what place better than Kashmir to celebrate the idea of falling in love? Not just a wedding, the various places in Kashmir provides the best backdrops for capturing pre/post wedding shoots. From colorful Shikaras to breathtaking locales, it’s the perfect combination to capture all the prettiness! Lets a have looked in what all ways Kashmir creates the magic.


Kashmir never loses its charm

Perfect shoot locations


Though Kashmir is attacked many times but it still manages to retain its eternal beauty and impress every time someone comes across it. The Himalayas further adds scenic views, creating a feeling of exploring the place. It’s worth every buck for the people who want to embark a new journey as the best pre-wedding shoot location. Hence, anyone can easily plan a pre-wedding shoot here with great wedding photographers. Not only the locations but also the untraveled roads and its natural beauty gives it a legit edge.


Ethnicity and Traditions

Kashmiri Attires


So when you have decided the ‘paradise on earth’ as your wedding place, you definitely would want to make every arrangement unique and worth it.  Make your wedding quite different from the quintessential Indian weddings by wearing an ethnic and traditional Kashmiri attire on your wedding. You will not only look elegant and classy but different as well.


The Magnificent Cuisines

Kashmiri Authentic Cuisines


When everything in your wedding destination is super duper special, the food also needs to be special. Because food will make a huge impact so the Worldwide cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mughlai, you must have tried for sure, but have you tried our own Kashmiri Cuisine? Undoubtedly, the cuisine of Kashmir is something that your guests will for sure remember for forever. Prepared with fresh herbs, the aroma of the exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies, served in a very authentic Kashmiri style, will definitely satisfy your and your guest’s taste buds.


Quintessential Kashmiri Music

Kashmir evenings


Live music in the evenings, in the valley of Kashmir, what else can anyone wish for? The big fat Indian weddings not only consider food and clothing, people are always ready to spend a lot of money on guest’s entertainment as well. And when it comes to Kashmiri music, the soothing sound of the traditional musical instruments like sarod, Jal Tarang is a treat your ears. So here’s the time to turn that thought into reality. Think differently and surprise your guests with live music bands and regional artists. They will have the time of their life.


Well, there are many other reasons too that will make Kashmir an extraordinary and lavish destination for a wedding. Memories here that you will make, will be cherished for a lifetime.