A Feast For The Eyes – Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir- kashmiri life

A Feast For The Eyes – Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir

“Sometimes we all get dusty by a few mundane and tiring affairs and merely need a gentle soul wash to see, and get deeply entangled with, the fervor’s of life again.” ― Pawan Mishra

Do you want to find some magic beyond the mundane chores of life and wrap yourself in the peace and solace of nature?

To make yourself free from the everyday works of life and to realize that you are not just mere animals of the society, you should go on a trek every year. Trek helps you to cleanse your spirit. Surrender yourself to nature. Away from the comforts of your home, as you trail through the mountains you’ll be able to read the friendly signs of nature like the rays of sun entering your tent to wake you up.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek-A feast for the eyes - kashmiri life

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek-A feast for the eyes

When it comes to deciding a place for your next trek, there is no place better than the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. The famous quote for Kashmir “If there is heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here” still stands true in every sense. Climbing the mighty range of the snow-clad Himalayas will offer the most exciting trek experience in

Monsoon appeals the trekkers & is the best time to conduct a trek on one of the most popular trekking locations-The Great Lakes of Kashmir. Going by the name, the Great Lakes trek comprises of a trek amidst some of the major lakes of Kashmir including Gadsar, Vishansar, Kishansar, Nundkol & Gangabal. It looks like as if each lake is
competing with the other for the glory of who’s most beautiful. On this trek you’ll be able to see five beautiful alpine lakes that come right after the other. So you have something beautiful to look forward to each day.

Blankets of clouds(Nandkhol Lake) - kashmiri life

Blankets of clouds(Nandkhol Lake)


Monsoon in the Himalayas holds a special charm for trekkers. Grey clouds hang low in the sky to touch and of course the pitter-patter of the beads of rain adds rhythm as you walk. Walking in the rain is one blissful experience. The skin tingles at the sight of the lush and springy green valley studded with exquisite flowers and a never-ending
tinkling of the rivers.
You’ll be able to watch the beautiful effect of the playful slide of snow off the mountain into the lakes.

You will feel as though you have stepped in to the pages of a story book or a scene from the movies.

The real climb-A walk away from civilisation(Sitkari to Nichnai)- kashmiri life

The real climb-A walk away from civilisation(Sitkari to Nichnai)- kashmiri life

The Kashmir Great Lakes trek has been categorized as being moderate to difficult trek and is meant for physically fit enthusiastic trekker. A prior high altitude trekking experience is a plus point. Covering an average of 10 km each day for a week is not an easy achievement. The trek comprises of an ascent and descent which takes its toll on your knee joints. While you trek some more steps ahead, away from the civilization, you will certainly not get any mobile connectivity.Prepare yourself for a breakup with your cell phone for at least a week.
The 8 days trekking trip for Kashmir Great Lakes with the unending blue sky, the fresh smell of green meadows, the fluffy clouds, the rain drops and the lakes flowing through the valley is a trekker’s delight. These will remain imprinted in your mind for ever.


Day 1:- Arrive at Sonamarg (7800 ft)
Day 2:- Sonamarg to Nichnai via Shekdur. (7,800 ft to 11,500 ft)
Day 3:- Nichnai to Vishansar lake via Nachnai Pass. (11,500 ft to
12,000 ft via 13100 ft)
Day 4:- Rest day can be use at Gangbal camp site.
Day 5:- Vishansar lake to Gadsar via Gadsar Pass. (12,000ft to
12,000ft via 13,750ft)
Day 6:- Gadsar to Satsar. (12,000 ft to 12,000 ft)
Day 7:- Satsar to Gangabal twin lakes via Zaj Pass. (12,000 ft to
11,500 ft 13000)
Day 8:- Gangabal to Naranag Drive to Srinagar. (11,500 ft to 7,450 ft)

Lakes tucked well into the ranges of the Himalayas - kashmir life

Lakes tucked well into the ranges of the Himalayas – kashmir life

With each passing day as you trek ahead through the boulder pavements, the ascents and descents, the warmth of the sun, the pains of the body are all forgotten as you reach a new point and surrender yourself to the beauty stretched as far as the eyes could go. The beautifully tucked glacial lakes between the mountains are a feast for the eyes.

spend a perfect day talking to yourself(Gangabal Lake) - kashmiri life

spend a perfect day talking to yourself(Gangabal Lake) – kashmiri life

The humbling huge mountains that surround you everywhere melts down your earthly pride and arrogance and you feel really small in the wonders of the nature. You could just talk to yourself praising the beauty and appreciating
things around you.

Make sure to update your travel planner with a trek to the ‘Great Lakes in Kashmir’ and share your experience with us in the comment section below.


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