The most popular saying about Kashmir is “Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin ast,” which roughly translates to “If there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here”.
The vibrant valley of Kashmir is known not only for its beauty, carpets, shawls, paintings, metalwork, woodwork and paintings but also for its delicious food. I’m sure; the sheer beauty of the place along with the food of Kashmir continues to give meaning to Amir Kusrow’s famous words.
And ofcourse, the point of pride for every Kashmiri is the lavish multi-course wazwan meal.

Well, for a meal to become a wazwan you need to have a waza (master chef from Kashmir specialized in making ‘wazwan’) cook it for you. For our brothers and sisters who are missing their home town, or for the ones who simply want to show off their culinary skills, here is a four-course meal from the famous wazwan that you can begin with.

“A wazwan feast is not an everyday affair in Kashmir.”
Although wazwan usually contains around 15 items, but that number could just easily go up to around 36.

“Like a short story, a good recipe can put us in a delightful trance.”
Have you ever thought why recipes are written in the ‘imperative tense’ (heat the pan, peel the onion)? Before I explain to you, here are a few recipes we suggest you prepare to satiate your desire for the famous wazwan or simply present your guests with.

Everyone loves appetizers. Entertain your crowd with this perfect Paneer Gulnar from wazwan.

We’ve picked these two top rated dishes from the diverse range of main-course items that ‘wazwan’ meal offers. Go ahead & give these a try.

Who needs a special occasion to satisfy the sweet tooth? Just bring it on!

A dessert to conclude the main meal.

As you read the recipes on a slow day at work, or while trying to kill some time, sparing a moment in your busy day or simply with your head drowsily on the pillow, there is no onion, no lamb or dry fruits, but you’ve watched yourself peel that onion, cooked the fiery lamb and even soaked the dry fruits over night, but, all in your minds.
That’s how you’ve been fooled but at the same time gotten the most pleasure and satisfaction of a good meal. Thanks to the imperative tense used in the recipes. Yes, you might do the actual cooking tomorrow, but right now, you’ve sharpened your cooking skills, virtually with us.

Trust me, the very name wazwan is enough to bring aroma of Kashmir wherever you are even outside the valley – ‘the King of all feasts’.

P.S. I am already craving for it! Being Kashmiri