Is it safe to travel to Kashmir? Can there be an emergency situation anytime? How far is the border? What is the current situation there? Does everybody have guns there? These are some frequently asked questions about Kashmir. Courtesy, the negative media projection.
But, this is not what you need to know about Kashmir. Do you know about 23-year-old Athar Aamir who ranked second in the all-India civil services exam, about 17-year-old Ayesha Aziz who is now India’s youngest commercial pilot, about the daughter of a deceased auto rickshaw driver from Hutmurah-Mattan who secured a scholarship in a London school for her creativity? Probably not, because the good news emerging from Kashmir is seldom discussed by the media. Kashmir has always got its fair share of negative portrayal in media; however, the same media ignores any positive developments in Kashmir. Therefore, outsiders only think Kashmir is some violence-ridden place where guns are always being fired.

That’s history. So what’s happening today? If you look closely you’ll see a different scenario. Kashmiri youths are chasing away the bad vibes and trying to bring out the success stories that are buried beneath the negative stereotypes built by the media. We must also acknowledge the fact that all the authorities of the State are creating many good opportunities and making new pathway for our young people and also encouraging their participation in every step.

Just like we at KashmiriLife are committed to regaining the ideal that was, and remains, Kashmir, we’ve spotted some more like-minded websites from Kashmir that talk about the all-encompassing, warm, multi-dimensional Kashmiriyat that still defines the Valley.

These websites are writing encouraging pieces from the Valley, everyday, ranging from culture, to old memories, food, sports, art and many more. Take a look.

Kashmir boasts of a cuisine that speaks volume of its rich culture and tradition. Get an intimate view of lip-smacking Kashmiri food at the comfort of your home and get a view of our everyday eating habits.



Waria Chuka/Waria Chaka?
Translation: How are you?
The ‘Bol and pride of Kashmir’Koshur (Kashmiri language), can cause you a headache and make you feel irritated if you don’t understand it, right? Hold on, we won’t let that happen.

Here’s an introduction to spoken Kashmiri: 

Kashmir offers a unique opportunity to foster and nurture sports in the state. There are several organizations dedicated solely for this purpose.

All sports enthusiasts check here:

As in the rest of India, Jammu and Kashmir has a wonderful blend of cultural heritage and tradition. Take a walk through the timeless journey of the cultural heritage of the Valley.

These Art & Culture Blogs will not disappoint:

The tales of development, inventions, challenges and changing them into success stories, strong-willed, determined Kashmiri youth are empowering themselves and leading a change in Jammu and Kashmir. Want to know how?

Follow their story of growth:

Incase you are a budding innovator waiting to make an impact, ‘Talaash’ is searching for you. Go ahead, fill in the details: 

Check out our unique curation of Blogs to get all you want to know about Jammu and Kashmir. From the beauty of Asia’s Switzerland to the buried success stories and everything in between.

Here are a few more: 

The Quint had said,

Kashmir boasts of a thriving blogging culture – there are more than 100 bloggers writing and voicing their views from the Valley, everyday” and rightly so.
All the credit goes to Google for helping us highlight the multi-dimensional Kashmir.