5 Festivals of JAmmu and Kashmir

5 Festivals of Jammu and Kashmir


5 Festivals of JAmmu and KashmirKashmir, the heaven on earth, never fails to amaze us with its charm. The enchanting valleys, beautiful lakes and snow covered mountains are the beauty of the place. Not only nature, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is also diversified in terms of the cultural traditions. People here enjoy all the festivals together, regardless of the religion. Like any other state, Kashmir abounds with many festivals throughout the year. It’s the reflection of their social heritage and diverse culture. This defines the beauty of this holy land.

Let’s have a look at some of the religious festivals of the valley:


Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival is celebrated in the valley of Kashmir during the onset of Spring Season. With hundreds of Tulip Gardens, the whole Kashmir flourishes with Tulips during the spring season. It is celebrated in Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden in Srinagar. It also features a showcase of cultural programs, delicious cuisines and handicraft. It is a must attend event for the all flower enthusiasts, nature lovers and tulip lovers.


5 Festivals of JAmmu and Kashmir


Shikara Festival

Shikara Festival was started by the Department of Tourism in 2016 to promote the tourism. It is a 2 day long festival organised  at Santoor Ghat SKICC on the bank of the Dal Lake. During the festival, many events are being held including Dragon Boat Race, Shikara Race and Canoe Polo Match. Shikaras are also painted and beautifully dressed.

5 Festivals of JAmmu and Kashmir


Gurez Festival

Like Shikara Festival, It was also started by the Department of Tourism . It is celebrated during the summers in the month of July and August every year. Gurez Festival showcase the conventional handicrafts, variety of cuisine and the rich culture along with various sports of the valley. The main attractions of this festival are trekking, rafting, zorbing, cycling and water rafting being the permanent element.

5 Festivals of JAmmu and Kashmir


Spituk Gustor Zanskar

The festival of ‘Spituk Gustor’ is a tibetan two-day festival that is celebrated in the Ladakh monasteries of Thiksey, Spituk, and Karsha Nanzkar. It is celebrated every year on 27th to 29th day in the eleventh month of the Tibetan calendar. Gustor means sacrifices made on the penultimate day of the month. The characteristic of this festival is the spectacular Black Hat Dance and also the masked dance, which is carried out by the priests. At the end, the sacrificial cake Torma is eaten. Amongst the most ritualistic festival, it represents the victory of good over evil.

5 Festivals of JAmmu and Kashmir


Hemis Festival

The Hemis festival is one of the most famous religious festivals and is an attraction for both the tourist and localites. It is a colorful two day affair that is celebrated on the 10th day (called Tse-Chu in the local language) of the Tibetan lunar month. It is basically the celebration of the birth anniversary of spiritual leader Padmasambhava. He was the founder of Tibet Tantric Buddhism. The Cham Dance is performed by masquerades in vivid brocade dresses and tinted masks. These masks are the most important component of the dance.

5 Festivals of JAmmu and Kashmir

Wall of Kindness in Jammu and Kashmir

Wall of Kindness in Jammu and Kashmir

Wall of Kindness in Jammu and Kashmir


“True beauty is born through our actions and aspirations and in the kindness we offer to others.” – Alex Wek

Who knew that in our modern lifestyle and busy schedules, where people do not have enough time for self-care, a small-collective initiative of kindness could mend the lives of so many? Who knew that being a reason for somebody’s smile is the most precious gift of life? Nobody knew, until, they did something for someone selflessly.



Written on the walls of kindness, this slogan is warming the lives of people in the beautiful valleys of Jammu and Kashmir and around the globe. How?


History of Wall of Kindness

Wall of Kindness began as an initiative of charity to help the homeless in Iran. An anonymous person introduced this beautiful thought of hanging clothes and other useful items outside homes so that people who need it could take it. Slowly and gradually the practice spread across the world and in India, covering major states like Allahabad, Bhilwara, Jhalawar, Mysore, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Dehradun, Korba, Kolkata and finally to Jammu and Kashmir.

The Wall of Kindness is also called Deewar-e-Meherbani reflecting the basic purpose of the wall. It instils the values of kindness among people to follow the path of humanity. A volunteer from the initiative elaborated the emotion behind the wall and said “It’s beyond religion. We do not represent a particular sect of a community. We represent people”.


In Jammu and Kashmir



Jammu and Kashmir is the coolest state of India but also the warmest. Not particularly because of its weather in winters and summers but due to the warmth and love of the local people. The Wall of Kindness initiative came as an extremely inspiring way to help the needs of homeless people in the cold winters of Kashmir. The first wall was made by a group of men in Srinagar, who are associated with a global volunteer organisation, ‘Who is Hussain’. The wall was made behind the boundary wall of Pamposh Hotel at the bund in the Abi Guzar area of Srinagar on 4th December. The wall received a massive number of visitors who donated their coats, mufflers, caps, sweaters, etc. for the people who later took them. A very humble member, Abrar, of the organization, mentioned his happiness of serving the needy and said “Many needy people came today and took clothes from the wall. We want to extend this gesture to other localities as well”, after seeing the response they got on 4th of December in Srinagar.




On December 10th the Wall of Kindness reached Handwara town of north Kashmir’s Kupwara district where people with all their hearts put up clothes, daily food items and vegetables for anonymously helping the needy. The volunteers painted two walls in the region, one at the bus stand and another one in the vegetable market to give maximum exposure to the wall.


Indeed, it is through our actions and aspirations that we can create true beauty, mostly in the form of smiles that stretch on the faces of people. The volunteers of Wall of Kindness in Jammu and Kashmir are making their wishes to make as many people warm as they can this winter season. Let us all, whoever we are and wherever we are, take this beautiful gesture to heights and donate as much as we can and tell everybody we meet, take if you need, hang if you have.

Kashmir winters with Wills Lifestyle

Kashmir in winters is a white sparkling blanket of snow, stretched out to the horizon. Every bit of land shivers under the cold of day and goes to sleep in the arms of winter, regret less. Winters define Kashmir. Visit Kashmir in winters to fulfill those dreamy images that cross your mind when you think of snow. Grab some beautiful long coats and boots and come shout with us in joy from high snow-covered mountain peaks. Sit around a bonfire with lovable locals and their equally loving music. We promise you a cold and yet heartwarming winter holiday here with us while Wills Lifestyle adds the charm to it.


Jammu and Kashmir, Wills Lifestyle, WLS, Beyond Kashmir, Kashmir winters, winters in Kashmir


The Lands Beyond are waiting.

On this note, Wills Lifestyle releases its 2018 winter collection with a touch of Kashmir in it. Starting from the poise in people, to the heritage of our valley, history and our age-old traditions, Wills has left no stones unturned to reflect the essence of Kashmir and knit it in their clothes. This 2018 clothing line is called “LANDS BEYOND”, a collection designed to take the autumn spent in the valleys of Kashmir to the lands beyond where the mountains wear a coat of snow, and the lakes freeze in cold.



Portrayed with a significance, Wills Lifestyles winter collection goes like this:

Wear the Valleys

Jammu and Kashmir, Wills Lifestyle, WLS, Beyond Kashmir, Kashmir winters, winters in Kashmir


With this collection, Wills has extracted the scenic magic of Kashmir into its clothes. A scenery that reaches for the clouds and nestles with the wilderness on the ground that through these alpine vistas come together to form heavenly valleys. Wear our valleys and the divinity they reverberate with WLS.


Wear the History, Heritage & age-old Tradition

Jammu and Kashmir, Wills Lifestyle, WLS, Beyond Kashmir, Kashmir winters, winters in Kashmir

Kashmir is not just a place, it’s an experience that spreads to centuries of tradition, craft, and culture. It’s a land of shore lakes that floats with a rich heritage through engraved history on boathouses. And while artists have come and gone, their art remains alive in the arms of the valley. Wills Lifestyle has shaped with love and handcrafted these traditions, history and heritage in their collection. Adorn and wear them to relinquish the timelessness of Kashmir.

Wear the Poise and Royalty

Jammu and Kashmir, Wills Lifestyle, WLS, Beyond Kashmir, Kashmir winters, winters in Kashmir

Wear a way of life in Kashmir with WLS clothing that is scented with the fragrance of gardens, shrubs, and flowers. Carry the poise of evening light in their melting colour choices and the Royal stories of Kashmiri legends, their lifestyle, and beliefs entwined in every stitch. Wear Kashmir with WLS.


Wills Lifestyle has not only knitted but also made “Beyond Kashmir” collection, a lively experience for all those who wear it. And while making it, they have honored and appreciated every bit of our Kashmir. We wish that people love their collection and feel its connection to Kashmir. Visit us during this beautiful calm before the spring and celebrate a Kashmir, beyond Kashmir with WLS and us.

Picture Courtesy: Wills Lifestyle

Kashmir Autumn Festival and its Message

kashmir autumn festival, jammu and kashmir, pari mahal, srinagar, pahalgam, gulmarg


Shikara rides, snow-capped mountains, musical evenings, and cruises – this is Kashmir Autumn Festival for you!

There is a negative perception about Kashmir which has affected the tourism industry and the local Kashmiris for years. For instance, take the case of skiing guide, Farooq Bhatt, who has been supplying jackets, shoes and skiing gears on hire from the past two decades to the tourists in Gulmarg. He travels from the nearby Tangmarg to serve the guests from around the world. He also guides and helps the tourists to ski near the gondola (state-run cable car service) in Gulmarg. Over the years, his income during the seasonal visit of tourists has drastically reduced from Rs. 1000/ day to Rs. 400/ day.


kashmir autumn festival, jammu and kashmir, pari mahal, srinagar, pahalgam, gulmarg


The department of tourism of Jammu and Kashmir therefore organised a familiarisation tour to boost the morale of people like Farooq as well as others who are involved with tourism & hospitality industry of the state. The tour, lovingly called as the Kashmir Autumn Festival, was held during the mesmerizing autumn from 25th October 2018 to 27th Oct 2018. It was mainly aimed for writers, bloggers, artistes, entrepreneurs, Instagrammers and government officials from across the country. The objective of the festival was to change the negative perception about the picturesque Jammu and Kashmir valley and woo back our loving tourists.

Around 100 guests graced the three day Kashmir Autumn Festival and were acquainted with the breathtaking beauty of Srinagar, Pahalgam and Gulmarg. They were introduced to the myriad shades of valley, its people, traditional and popular music, an array of mouth-watering Kashmiri food and warm hospitality of the locals.


Day 1: Srinagar

Beginning with an inauguration ceremony at the Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC), overlooking Dal Lake adding to the charm, Rigzin Samphel (Secretary Tourism of J&K) addressed the guests with a warm welcome. He mentioned that “Kashmir is not unsafe for tourists” and factually told everyone that there has been a 40 percent rise in international tourists. Post his speech, all guests were taken on a heritage tour from Pari Mahal, Chashme Shahi, Nishant Bagh and then finally ending with a cruise on Dal Lake.


kashmir autumn festival, jammu and kashmir, pari mahal, srinagar, pahalgam, gulmarg


Day 2: Pahalgam

While mentioning the facts at Pahalgam Club, the chief executive officer of Pahalgam introduced the guests to the ground level problem. He told them that Pahalgam accounts for 70 percent of Kashmir’s tourist attraction and yet we have only received seven lakh tourists this year as compared to eleven lakhs in 2011.


kashmir autumn festival, jammu and kashmir, pari mahal, srinagar, pahalgam, gulmarg


He toned down the seriousness of the matter and introduced the guests to the warmth of local people who offered them tea, local bakery and scrumptious lunch of gushtaba, rogan josh, lotus stem curry, chicken and fish at the serene Pahalgam Golf Course.

Post lunch, the tour headed to witness the dreamy Aru Valley, a haven for trekkers where time comes to a standstill in this far-off corner of Kashmir. As the day progressed, guests were amazed by the affection and warm hospitality of local venders and small traders, the reality of lack of income and opportunity visible on their faces.


Day 3: Gulmarg

Gulmarg, one of the most magnificent destinations in Jammu and Kashmir, was saved for the last day for our guests. The town has been welcoming tourists since colonial times with its colder climes, long walks, treks and golf course skiing.

On the final day at the Gulmarg Golf Club, guests of the tour were served with Harissa (a type of Haleem), kebabs, Kashmiri breads and different types of sauces with fries under the blue sky. Lunch at this serene place was a traditional affair followed by hot sips of Kahwah.


kashmir autumn festival, jammu and kashmir, pari mahal, srinagar, pahalgam, gulmarg


A local manager, Abdul malik, of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation (JKTDC) came face to face with the guests about the fall in tourists over the years. He mentioned that Gulmarg is known to provide peace to every mind that visits and a comfy stay at some of the best hotels of the state.

In this way, the wonderful three-day trip came to an end with delectable dinner, music and cheerfulness at a hotel in Gulmarg.


Through this article, we, The Kashmiri Life, call you to visit the magnificent Jammu and Kashmir and experience the warm hospitality of locals. Your visit means livelihood to many of our traders and vendors. Kashmir is safe as ever and people are welcoming as they always were. Visit us!

Snowfall in Kashmir

Snowfall in Kashmir

Snowfall in Kashmir

Winters are here already and there is no place better than Kashmir to celebrate winters especially ‘THE SNOWFALL’. A layer of snow over the mountains, eminent chinar trees and sunlight transmitting through the clouds makes a scenic view. You can’t even distinguish is it heaven or some place on Earth. No, I am not exaggerating but the beauty of Kashmir is for real, Winters are more like festival in Kashmir. Although it is freezing cold, temperature even goes to minus but it’s still so much fun. Now let’s have a look what all things you can do during the snowfall in Kashmir and make it even more joyful.



Kashmir provides you multiple options for the bunch of activities you can do here, for an incredible, one-of-its-kindexperience. Skiing, Sleigh Riding, Ice Skating and Ice Hockey are some of the best sports that will give you the adrenaline rush.


Snowfall in Kashmir

For Skiing, Gulmarg is the prime destination as it is one of the world’s highest lift-served ski resorts. Another attraction there, is the Gandola Cable Car lift which is one of the highest cable car projects in Asia.


Snowfall in Kashmir

For Ice Skating and Ice Hockey, Srinagar and Pahalgam are the ideal location. Don’t know how to play any of these sports? No need to worry as there are many trainers available who can guide you with these sports.

Still looking for more excitement? Try Heli-Skiing, to experience another level of thrill.  In Heli-Skiing, a chopper gets you to the   Like others, Gulmarg is the perfect spot for this too.



You must be thinking when it snows all around then how a ride in a river is possible. Yes, it is! The temperature during the winters goes to a certain level that makes the rivers and lakes in the region partially frozen. Dal Lake is perfect place for a ride in Shikara with your loved ones. The beauty of Dal is even more enhanced during the snowfall. It’s quite mesmerizing to be on a boat and soft snowflakes falling down silently. There are no ‘rush moments’ so you can completely relax and enjoy the beauty of Kashmir.

Recently, a group of college students from Kashmir have developed a ‘Shikara App’ for booking the rides. This has become a very convenient option for the people and has gained popularity.


Snowfall in Kashmir



Imagine stepping out of your tent in bone chilling weather and you are surrounded by snow from all the direction, isn’t it a dreamy site? Kashmir is the one of the best places for winter camping and trekking. Away from all the crowd, camping creates a peace within your heart and mind. Mount Nun Kun Camping, the trek to Sankaracharya and Mount Harmukh Camping are some of the location you can consider for camping.

Snowfall in Kashmir


Festivals and Fairs are the top attraction for the people during the season of winters. Every year in the month of January Snow Festival is held in Gulmarg. People come with full enthusiasm and attend all the fun activities and cultural shows. It’s a 3 day festival that includes a number of activities like snow cycling, snowboarding and skiing. However snow cycling is the most popular. Cultural shows represent the Kashmiri heritage and arts.

We can definitely say Snowfall in Kashmir is an experience we all should have at least once in a lifetime. Snow makes Kashmir happy!

of what?


15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers

15 Things to-do in Kashmir: A Whisper to Solo-Travellers

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers

Like a lot of people, I am also tired of making and cancelling travel plans with friends and family because of someone’s unavailability or too many suggestions. Well, I see solo-traveling as the only solution for now! However scary at first, as you travel solo- being entirely responsible for yourself, you will discover exactly how capable you are. The hardest part about solo travelling is the ‘beginning’. Once you are on it, there is no going back!

Now a days, people have come out boldly and encouraged solo travelling; brushing away the myths of solo being too risky and unsafe. It not always a ‘follow your heart’ journey. One must understand the value of planning in advance to have smooth travel or stay (or at least be little prepared for the hitches) by researching places to visit, things to carry, read reviews,  download maps etc.


So, I welcome you all Solo-Travellers to my beautiful valleys of Jammu and Kashmir. Here is a list of things you can do to make your solo travel much more adventurous and memorable.


  1. Feel at home with Kashmiri families and experience the most loving hospitality ever.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. Meet the locals, play with children and breathe in a wholesome positivity of nature.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. Take an introspective ride in a Shikara at Dal Lake.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. Fond of views? Visit Taj Vivanta in Srinagar to look at the most magnificent panorama of Dal Lake.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. Visit a Houseboat. Let the sunlight drench you.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. Detangle your thoughts in the peace of Mughal Gardens.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. Talk to the nature in the intense beauty of Jamia Masjid Srinagar.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. Accept all your blemishes in a traditional Kashmiri attire.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. Gather heritage stories of Kashmir from the locals over a cup of noon chai (Pink Tea).

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. If you wish, break some rules, try something fancy and yet traditional.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. Live your DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) moment in Tulip Garden, Srinagar.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. Unravel the mysteries of Kashmir, visit downtown Srinagar.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. Shop and do not stop.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. Feel the warmth of earth, cold of water and density of air in the Lidder river of Pahalgam.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


  1. Walk the grass at Doodhpathri to feel the dew drops as they absorb in your spirit through happy feet.

15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers


Tough, tiring, unsafe, lonely- these are some of the myths attached to solo travelling. Here is what I have to say to my fellow solo travellers, tough, tiring or exhausting, we know it’s worth our while and definitely the most splendid experiences of life.

I hope this small piece of guidelines will help you and make your trip to Kashmir a better experience. Feel free to ask anything more about travelling to our valley. All the very best for adventures, travel safe and sound!

tea banner

Jammu and Kashmir for Tea Lovers

Chai, Kahwah, Noon chai, pink chai, Chai jaai, Rochak tea stall, sharma tea stall, bawa tea stall, the chai factory, jammu and kashmir tea stalls, tea rooms in jammu and kashmir.


After a long tiring day, what is your tonic to relieve stress? Mine is a hot steaming cup of Chai (Tea). There is something about good-old cup of tea that makes you so happy.

Feeling bored, have chai.

Feeling tired, chai is the answer!

Want to have a conversation with a friend? Let’s get chai!

In short, tea is the answer to all your life’s problems! Isn’t it tea lovers?

To add to the charm, nature is full of the variety of teas such as green tea, Kahwah, pink tea (noon chai), etc. and we humans, the born experimentalists, get creative with our teas as well.

Being a Kashmiri, chai has been a constant- contagious need of my lifestyle. Imagine sipping your tea while looking at a field of almonds, or beautiful Shikaras floating in Dal Lake, or quivering with cold, looking at them snow peaked mountains while palms warm up on a cup of Kahwah. Yes my friend, that is, but just a glimpse of, having tea in the arms of Jammu and Kashmir. Right from the lush green fields to crystal frozen lakes, the state is full of tea points. Let’s take you around some of the best ones in our valley.


Sharma Tea Stall: Bliss for the travelers

Located on the way to Udhampur in Jammu along NH1, Sharma tea stall is a hot spot for the travelers as well as people of the region. It is famous for its refreshing tea made by the elderly tea brewer, lovingly known as Pandit Ji. If you are around the place or is planning to visit Jammu, don’t forget to toast a cup of tea at Sharma Tea Stall, a perfect start to your journey.

Address: Kacchi Chawni, Ambphalla, Old Heritage City, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir




Bawa Tea Stall: The college day’s tea stop

Each one of us has had a favorite tea stall outside our college campuses, a tea stall that we would rush to in our breaks. Bawa’s tea stall is one such stop for all the students of the University of Jammu. Here, the chaiwala (Tea brewer) knows his customers by names and brews the most mouth-watering tea around the area. If you are staying in Gujarbasti, this is the tea place for you.

Address: Bahu Rd, University of Jammu, Gujarbasti, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir


Chai, Kahwah, Noon chai, pink chai, Chai jaai, Rochak tea stall, sharma tea stall, bawa tea stall, the chai factory, jammu and kashmir tea stalls, tea rooms in jammu and kashmir.



The Tea Factory: Place for a cozy tea date

The first meeting, chai, and a cozy ambiance are a perfect combination for a cute little date or a get together. If you are looking for one, The Tea Factory is your all in one stop. On top of it, with a perfect combination of killed chai and bread butter, the café has a long menu of snacks as well. Go grab a bite.

Address: Shop No. 20, North Block, Bahu Plaza Jammu Jammu and Kashmir.


Chai, Kahwah, Noon chai, pink chai, Chai jaai, Rochak tea stall, sharma tea stall, bawa tea stall, the chai factory, jammu and kashmir tea stalls, tea rooms in jammu and kashmir.


Rochak Tea Stall: Serving tea amidst the beauty & wilderness

Located on National Highway 144A in Sundarbani, Rochak Tea stall is an old place that has been serving tea since generation to the locals and visitors. With the beauty of Sunderbani and the fragrance of Rochak bhaiya’s, chai one can easily transcend his/ her stress. If it falls on your route, take a moment to de-stress here.

Address: National Highway 144A, Sunderbani, Jammu and Kashmir


Chai, Kahwah, Noon chai, pink chai, Chai jaai, Rochak tea stall, sharma tea stall, bawa tea stall, the chai factory, jammu and kashmir tea stalls, tea rooms in jammu and kashmir.


Chai Jaai Tea Room: A room for rich conversations

No doubt that the tea at a small tea stall is heavens. But having tea at a fine- dine tea room? That’s a different level of aesthetic altogether. A recent development in Srinagar, Chai Jai Tearoom is set up with a luxurious ambiance inspired by the tea rooms in England. With its graceful cultural interiors, it is a perfect place for people, especially women, who love to celebrate life and indulge in rich conversations that sprout from the existing cultural ambiance of the room. If you are a tea person, you wouldn’t want to miss this elegantly dreamy place.

Address: Mahattas Studio, 1st Floor, The Bund Road, Munshi Bagh, Dhanibuoy building, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir


Chai, Kahwah, Noon chai, pink chai, Chai jaai, Rochak tea stall, sharma tea stall, bawa tea stall, the chai factory, jammu and kashmir tea stalls, tea rooms in jammu and kashmir.


These are only some of the tea stalls/ rooms in Jammu and Kashmir, tea is contagious and so is its availability. Keep searching for the taste that warms your soul inside out and notifies us so we, tea lovers, can add to our lists.


5 Mesmerizing Lakes in Jammu and Kashmir



“A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.”      

                                                                                                                                                -William Wordsworth

Can you ever think of witnessing the blue sky, captivating meadows, turquoise waters and snow at the same time? Yes, it’s absolutely possible in the beautiful state of Kashmir! Just imagine spending your day in a Shikara under the divine sky and seeing snow capped mountains, isn’t it a dreamy site?

Lakes are always welcoming in nature especially in the valley of Kashmir. They create a magnetic aura which is very hard to resist. The serenity and calmness of the lakes perfectly cut off the worldly chaos and all you could hear is the sound of rowing the boat and chirping of the birds making the moment perfectly perfect. So we present you the lakes of Kashmir that are completely inevitable to visit.




dal lake


Popularly known as ‘Jewel in the crown of Kashmir’ and  world renowned ‘Dal Lake’ is the most attractive place in the heart of Kashmir. Surrounded by big mountains and mughal gardens, it has maintained its popularity so far. The most significant feature of this lake is it gives you the 360 degree views of the Himalayas. A ride in Shikara, floating market along the way, the flora and fauna, the scent of kesar will give you the typical Kashmir feel. On the other hand it also perfect for adventure seekers offering you water sports like golfing, water skiing and hot air balloon ride.




tso moriri


Tso Moriri Lake also known as the ‘Mountain Lake’ and is situated around 250kms ahead of Leh. It is one of the highest lakes in the world and thereby, attracting a lot of tourism. A stone-sandy road that passes through the Rushpu Valley leads to Tso Moriri. This lake provides the perfect ambience for nature lovers, travelers or a photographers. The most attractive feature of the lake is the beautiful sunset view that can behold anyone. And when it comes to festivities, Korzak Gustor is the ancient festival of the Buddhist that is celebrated here every year reviving its tradition and culture.






The land of high passes, Pangonk Lake is arguably the most amazing place in all of Ladakh. The sheer beauty of this lake is the fact that it changes various colors ranging from the shades of blue, green and even appearing red sometimes. The trans-Himalayan mountain in the background makes for a stunning and scenic panoramic view. The most fascinating fact of this lake is that the water freezes even after being saline. There are many migratory birds like seagulls and cranes are the treat for the bird lovers. Apart from this you can also do the camping on the shores of the lake making it a delight for the adventure enthusiasts as well.






Nigeen Lake lies  at the foothills of the Zabarwan mountains located to the east of the city of Srinagar. Nigeen means “The jewel in the ring”. Flanked by plenty of poplar and willow trees, this lake is perfect for the lone-time lover. It is known for its pristine waters and relatively less crowded as compared to the Dal Lake. There are both houseboat and shikaras and the people can soak themselves in its serenity. It is also the perfect place for swimming, water skiing and motor rides.






Walur lake is India’s largest freshwater lakes and is fed by the river Jhelum. Its natural beauty being located amidst snow-covered hills is totally beyond description making the place worth visiting. The water is placid and calm in most seasons of the year. Thousand of the birds and water fowls can be spotted here easily. It is bird watcher’s delight to spend time here. Moreover a variety of fishes making it a ideal place for fishing enthusiasts as well.

So these are the most amazing lakes of Kashmir that should be visited. So hopped on to that boat, make million memories and appreciate the beauty of the lakes so that Kashmir lives on in our heart forever!

A Majestic Stay: 5 Best Hotels in Kashmir

Snow peaked mountains, Captivating views, Picturesque Scenes, anyone can imagine, It’s Kashmir!

It is indeed a true paradise on earth. Being the one of the most beautiful state not only in India but the world also, it has attracted a lot of tourism. Kashmir is at the rim of the bucket list in the list of the people’s dream destination. But before planning the trip there are many things you need to keep in mind & one of the most important is to select a place to live! HOTELS!!

Being a wide spot for touristy, Kashmir offers you a variety of hotels to live in. From house boats experience to lavish five stars hotels, one can easily choose depending upon the budget and their requirements. The most popular places like Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, and Sonamarg have variety of hotels; let’s have a look what the place has to offer us for an unparalleled experience!



Vivanta by Taj


Vivanta by Taj, Vivanta by Taj in Jammu and Kashmir, majestic stay in Kashmir, luxury hotels in Kashmir, Jammu and kashmir, best hotels in Kashmir


Vivanta by Taj is categorized as Luxury Mountain Resort on a hill overlooking the Dal Lake, Mughal gardens and Zabarvan ranges of snow clad mountains in Srinagar. You may find Vivanta by Taj in almost every part of world but the experience you get here will be unique and different. It is beautifully color coordinated with earthy warm colors and it’s the famous Kashmiri Kahwa tea is a must try at the tea lounge. It is recommended for all luxury travelers to Srinagar looking for exclusivity and best of luxury experience.

Location: Srinagar

The Heritage by Heevan


The heritage by Heevan, Heritage in Jammu and Kashmir, majestic stay in Kashmir, luxury hotels in Kashmir, Jammu and kashmir, best hotels in Kashmir


As the name suggest, it is entirely built on the concept of traditional Kashmir and is definitely among the luxurious stays. Its traditional wood architecture, this hotel is perfect stay for those who specifically wanted to get the real feel of Kashmir and its beautiful culture. The guests are offered with famous welcome drinks, Kashmiri Kahwa. It is recommended for all the Leisure travelers looking for a stylish heritage style accommodation.

Location: Srinagar


Kashmir Mahal Resorts


Kashmir mahal resorts in Kashmir, Jammu and kashmir, best hotels in Kashmir


It is located in the heart of the city and is surrounded by snow covered mountains. Kashmir Mahal is a stay for those who are looking for great hospitality within a budget. The place offers you well maintained rooms and gardens, awesome food and excellent hospitality. You can sit in the garden and have a sip of the tea with a captivating view. And the best part is the resort offers scrumptious complimentary breakfast too. Isn’t it a deal maker?

Location: Srinagar


Hotel Rah Villas


Hotel raah Vilas in Kashmir, Jammu and kashmir, best hotels in Kashmir


This is the most offbeat place to stay away from the busy city and has every element that will keep you close to the nature in every way possible. The vision of this place very much from different from all the stays you see in Kashmir. Their whole focus is to make you escape to the Himalayas to have an amazing experience of nature and warmth of the Kashmiri village life with hint of small luxuries. So there are both the varieties and you can decide which type of vacation you are in the mood of.

Location: Sonmarg


 WelcomHotel Pine-n-Peak


Kashmir mahal resorts in Kashmir, Jammu and kashmir, best hotels in Kashmir


Elegance with subtle modern touches is the best way to define this stay. Being the only resort in Pahalgam, it has attracted many tourists in few fractions of seconds. Untouched from the chaos of the roads and markets, it is snuggled in the layers of untouched snow and fir laden paths. The perfect elevation of the plateau results in the best views is accorded with the Pine-n-Peak. For adventure junkies, river rafting is a good option. For those looking for leisure, golf at the Pahalgam Golf Course and fishing at the river will crack the deal. Stay at Pine n Peak will make sure you take back million of memories.

Location: Pahalgam



No matter what you to choose to stay at the end of the day, it’s about creating moments and making memories not just in photographs but in your heart too. So what you waiting for, get on the ride. And get, set, go!

Kashmiri wedding

Kashmir – An Ideal Place for Wedding Destination

Kashmiri Wedding Decor

“Will you marry me?”… “Yes!” So what’s next? Wedding Destination? Oh! Yes. Mostly Indian couples believe they should invest in big fat wedding ceremonies away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life and so choosing a  wedding destination is becoming popular these days. The Maharaja style Royal Weddings or serene and calm beachside Goa Weddings are so yesterday. These days a new place is becoming a main point of interest and that is KASHMIR: Heaven on Earth.

The ethereal beauty of Kashmir is totally unmatched. Away from the chaos and noises of the cities, in the serenity of nature, every girl would wish to say “I do” in the most romantic and exquisite way. So what place better than Kashmir to celebrate the idea of falling in love? Not just a wedding, the various places in Kashmir provides the best backdrops for capturing pre/post wedding shoots. From colorful Shikaras to breathtaking locales, it’s the perfect combination to capture all the prettiness! Lets a have looked in what all ways Kashmir creates the magic.


Kashmir never loses its charm

Perfect shoot locations


Though Kashmir is attacked many times but it still manages to retain its eternal beauty and impress every time someone comes across it. The Himalayas further adds scenic views, creating a feeling of exploring the place. It’s worth every buck for the people who want to embark a new journey as the best pre-wedding shoot location. Hence, anyone can easily plan a pre-wedding shoot here with great wedding photographers. Not only the locations but also the untraveled roads and its natural beauty gives it a legit edge.


Ethnicity and Traditions

Kashmiri Attires


So when you have decided the ‘paradise on earth’ as your wedding place, you definitely would want to make every arrangement unique and worth it.  Make your wedding quite different from the quintessential Indian weddings by wearing an ethnic and traditional Kashmiri attire on your wedding. You will not only look elegant and classy but different as well.


The Magnificent Cuisines

Kashmiri Authentic Cuisines


When everything in your wedding destination is super duper special, the food also needs to be special. Because food will make a huge impact so the Worldwide cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mughlai, you must have tried for sure, but have you tried our own Kashmiri Cuisine? Undoubtedly, the cuisine of Kashmir is something that your guests will for sure remember for forever. Prepared with fresh herbs, the aroma of the exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies, served in a very authentic Kashmiri style, will definitely satisfy your and your guest’s taste buds.


Quintessential Kashmiri Music

Kashmir evenings


Live music in the evenings, in the valley of Kashmir, what else can anyone wish for? The big fat Indian weddings not only consider food and clothing, people are always ready to spend a lot of money on guest’s entertainment as well. And when it comes to Kashmiri music, the soothing sound of the traditional musical instruments like sarod, Jal Tarang is a treat your ears. So here’s the time to turn that thought into reality. Think differently and surprise your guests with live music bands and regional artists. They will have the time of their life.


Well, there are many other reasons too that will make Kashmir an extraordinary and lavish destination for a wedding. Memories here that you will make, will be cherished for a lifetime.