videographers and photographers from Jammu and Kashmir

Videographers and Photographers of Jammu and Kashmir

Wedding is a union of two people surrounded by their friends and families to celebrate and cherish this experience. It is a roller coaster of emotions, excitement and “Capturing the Moments”in the perfect frame. Hence, the most difficult decision after choosing the right partner is to find the best person to capture every moment of your wedding so that you can live them forever.

Here at Kashmiri Life, our team has come together to simplify your quest. If you’re planning to get married, make a wish and here are the most talented videographers and photographers from the our valley that will make your “perfect wedding photographs” wish come true.


videographers and photographers from Jammu and Kashmir
The Instagram sensation, Aamir Beigh’s Kashmir Wedding is one of the most popular wedding photographers and videographers of Jammu and Kashmir. They provide traditional, candid, pre/post wedding shoots, drone shots, etc as services. Packages start from 45,000 unto 65,000. Check out their work at Instagram 

videographers and photographers from Jammu and Kashmir


videographers and photographers from Jammu and Kashmir
Memorelic productions are a team of talented videographers and photographers from the valley. They are available for wedding in Jammu and Kashmir as well as North India. They have a wide range of services to offer apart from wedding shoots. Check them out with a minimum budget of 50,000. Check out their work at Facebook.

videographers and photographers from Jammu and Kashmir


videographers and photographers from Jammu and Kashmir
Aadil Rehbar is an extremely talented photographer who along with his family lineage, Kashmir Capture, Rehbar’s have been “Capturing Life since 1929”. They offer pre/post wedding shoots, full wedding coverage, drone shots, etc. Their package can vary on your requirements and can be negotiated. Check them out at Instagram 

videographers and photographers from Jammu and Kashmir


videographers and photographers from Jammu and Kashmir
Master Visuals is operated by two passionate photographers who describe themselves as, “Two crazy filmmakers on a mission”. They are famous for creating cinematic wedding films, candid photography, traditional shoot, etc. They charge 50,000 per day. Check them out at Instagram

videographers and photographers from Jammu and Kashmir


videographers and photographers from Jammu and Kashmir
Creative as it says, Creative Photography are a group of talented photographers who are experts in delivery “wedding documentary” service. This is unique to their production house along with other wedding videography services. They amount to an affordable price of 38,000 for two days.
Check them out at Instagram

videographers and photographers from Jammu and Kashmir

With this, we end our list keeping in mind that these are the major players of photography in the valley while there are definitely many other talented and creative videographers and photographers in our Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmiri Life welcomes you to Jammu and Kashmir and recommend it as one of the most beautiful wedding destinations (hyperlink our earlier article on wedding destinations in Kashmir) in our country. While India is beautiful from all of its corners and middles, Kashmir is undoubtedly its paradise.

Come and celebrate with us your most ecstatic wedding moments- twirling with joy on green lands, romancing the high snow- capped- star- gazed- mountain peaks, getting clicked at the perfect flower sprouting scenery and Shikara ride specific shoots in Jammu and Kashmir.

Bookstores in Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir, Gulshan books, Kapoor brothers, Passport, Ali mohammad and sons

4 Bookstores in Kashmir that Book Lovers Should Definitely Visit

Jammu and Kashmir’s diverse history and rich cultural background make it a hub of collections. Be it art, music, festivals, craft or books, Jammu & Kashmir has it in abundance. Evidently, going through the collection of books at bookstores in Kashmir will be as good as a treasure hunt. Plus,

“The romantic sights,
Flares of snow and sunshine
That change colours from time to time”

add to the experiences of readers.
Whether you’re a bookworm who is on a spree of collecting good books or students, scholar or teacher looking for particular study material, Kashmir has it all stored for you. Especially for book lovers, Kashmir is apt for reading a book in the arms of fairy tallish scenery and as a bonus to be able to choose the best reads from the hub of books at Kashmir book stores.
As Ernest Hemingway puts it correctly “There is no friend as loyal as a book”, here is your cue to begin finding some gemstones of books in Kashmir-

Gulshan Book Store

“The only bookshop- Library on a lake”, Gulshan Books is a bookstore cum cafe cum library cum publication house situated on DAL LAKE. The experience of visiting Gulshan promises a miraculous view of Dal Lake where you can sit in peace and give your minds a beautiful read.
Gulshan Books attracted the attention of Limca Book of Records 2018 for its marvelous collection of as many as 80,000 books and for being the only bookshop located on a lake.

Address: Nehru Park, Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190007
Opens: 9:30 am to 8 pm, closed on Sunday
Phone No. 094190 11110

Ali Mohammad and Sons

With the belief and motto, “Knowledge is never old”, Ali Mohammad and Sons is a hub of books. The store is divided into shelves that make it easier to look for the book. The shelf architecture also makes the store look like a small library. It is a small cozy bookstore where all you have to do is name a book to find one.
Address: 1 Budshah Hotel Building, Lal Chowk, Srinagar – 190001, Near Budshah Bridge
Opens: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Closed on Tuesday
Phone No. 09419006031

Kapoor Brothers

Kapoor Brothers Book Store in Kashmir

Kapoor Brothers bookstore is located in Palladium Gully of Srinagar. The bookstore is the heritage of Kapoors that is inherited by the new generation after the latter. Visiting Kapoors is a step into the heritage that the family has collected over time.
Address: Palladium Gully, Lal Chowk, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001
Opens: 10:30 am to 7:30 pm, Closed on Sundays
Phone No. 099067 72798

Password A House of Wattan Publications

Wattan Publication opened a retail showroom in 2007 for their voracious readers and named is “Password” and since then Password is an all time hub for book lovers.
Address: 30, Chinar Complex, Residency Road, Residency Road, Srinagar – 190001,
Opens: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, Closed on Sunday
Phone. No. 9419980846

These are few bookstores that have been shortlisted as best bookstores by our team at Kashmiri Life. To encourage reading and create awareness about these bookstores and many other existing,
We asked people around the valley to define the role of books in their lives and people had some awesome answers to give:
~ The treasure that I can carry wherever I go.
~ The companion of my solo trips.
~ My bestest friend.
~ Sleeping partner forever.
~ Childhood friend.
~ My all time escape.

With this sweet notion, we hope that with the rise of digital India the essence of hardcovers and paperbacks continue to exist. A book is best read while withheld in hands. Right book lovers?

Hokh Syun Festivai

Hokh Syun Festival: Kashmir’s Traditional Sun- Dried Veggies Festival

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when somebody mentions winters and Kashmir? The imposing mountain peaks, partially frozen pine trees, snow and the rich cuisine.

Hokh Syun Festivai

Kashmir is renowned for its pristine beauty, rich heritage, culture and delectable cuisine. Winters in Kashmir means it is time for snow, and the winter delicacies known as Hokh Syun, which literally translates to sun-dried vegetables. This February, visit Kashmir to witness not just the magic of snow but also to devour your taste buds at the Kashmir’s traditional Sun- dried veggies festival- the Hokh Syun Festival.

What is Hokh Syun


Hokh Syun Festival


When the winter approaches, can mouth-watering Kashmiri delicacies be left behind? And by winter delicacies, I mean the sun- dried vegetables from the last season. Earlier, due to lack of connectivity and poor storage facilities during winters; sun-dried vegetables became a saviour method for locals to fight the beautiful yet harsh winters of Kashmir. Even though the fresh vegetables are now easily available in the valley, unlike olden
times, people still use sun-dried vegetables in households. It was a good idea then, and so it is now!
On the onset of winters, when the snow would block the connectivity; vegetables like potatoes, radish, turnip, lotus stem (locally known as nadru) and collard greens (locally known as haak) were stored much in advance so that they can be used during harsh winters. Right from gourds,
chillies, brinjals, water chestnut, to tomatoes; everything was sun-dried during summers to be stored and used during winters. As mentioned above, these dried vegetables are thus known as

Hokh Syun.


Hokh Syun Festival


Popularizing Hokh Syun

Hokh Syun Festival


The Hokh Syun Festival is a celebration of winter delicacies and the age-old Kashmiri customs and traditions. To celebrate this old Kashmiri custom, a local, Asif Burza, came up with the idea to bring back Hokh Syun to the valley and promote it in the form of a festival.

Hokh Syun Festival

It is true that when something traditional becomes outdated, it reaches a higher pedestal and becomes exotic. Asif Buzra grabbed the opportunity and made an exotic delicacy out of mere means of survival that was Hokh Syun.
It took Buzra an entire year to find people in the valley who could provide him with quality sun- dried vegetables. Finally he found the stocks in the same old city markets of Zaina Kandal and MaharajGunj in downtown Srinagar where he collaborated with 15 vendors who now provide him with the best quality of dried vegetables. With support from the Kashmir’s oldest food consultant, Omaish Mattoo; who has done a number of Kashmiri sun-dried vegetable festivals outside the valley; Asif Buzra began Hokh Syun festival in his two big hotels.

Hokh Syun Festival

Hokh Syun Festival


Hokh Syun Festival is celebrated every year in the entire month of February, efficiently taking place at the Asif Buzra’s hotels: the Fortune Resort Heevan in Srinagar and WelcomHotel Pine and Peak in Pahalgam. During the festival, food lovers can try a unique way of making delicacies
out of sun-dried vegetables. OLD IS GOLD, which is perfectly true for the taste that these dried vegetables offer due to being
naturally preserved and dried in sun. If you are a foodie and can travel lengths for food, this festival is a heaven for you. Be assured,
here you will find lip-smacking delicacies that you won’t find anywhere else. Come celebrate the rich Kashmiri culture, our traditions and the age-old customs with delicious food this February and gorge on delicacies made with Ruwangan Hachi (Dried Tomatoes), Bote Cher Mutton (Mutton and dried Apricots), Gair Goji (Dried water chestnuts), Warmiuth Dail (Special Kashmiri Pulses), Al Hachi (Dried Bottle Gourd), and much more. Come one, Come all!

Here is all the information that you need:
Hokh Syun Festival 2019
Where: Kashmir at Fortune Resort Heevan, Srinagar and WelcomHotel Pine and Peak,
When: Entire Month of February
Contact: 9419484652 / 01942464100 for reservations
How to Reach: 15 km from Srinagar Airport. There are local taxi services available from the
airport to other parts of Kashmir.

Luxurious Houseboats of Kashmir banner

5 Luxurious Houseboats of Kashmir

The beauty Kashmir is inexplicable in words. It is one of the most astounding experiences one can have. There are many elements that make it worth visiting but one of the most promising is Houseboats! Imagine yourself there, on of those evening and the sun is setting down, wind is blowing your hair, the Great Himalayas in front you. Perfect, isn’t it?

There are many lakes in the city but the Dal Lake is the most prominent lined with houseboats. These houseboats are made up of the finest cedar wood and usually have two to four bedrooms. They also provide all the amenities like 24 Hours Room Services, Doctor Call Services, Laundry Services​to make sure you have a comfortable stay.

Let’s see some of the best houseboats in Kashmir:

De-Laila Group of Houseboats


Luxurious Houseboats of Kashmir banner


It is located in the city center on Boulevard Road. This houseboat treats you the traditional way. Antique wood carving, Massive crystal chandeliers and intricate designs on curtains add to the beauty of it. Its interior has the fascinated work of objet d’art and motifs. Not just this, the food is excellent and the service is totally satisfactory. A stay here could give you the feel of royals staying in a palace.

New Golden Flower Heritage Houseboat


Luxurious Houseboats of Kashmir banner


This houseboat is on the banks of Nigeen Lake, Hazratbal Road. It has gained its popularity for its aesthetic beauty. Rooms are quite spacious and have centrally operated heating system. It is loaded with all the modern facilities. Beautiful Paintings depicting the history of Kashmir are hanged on the walls. It has a mini library and an exclusive dining area that makes it one of the best houseboats in Kashmir.

New Jacquline Houseboats


Luxurious Houseboats of Kashmir banner


It is located opposite to the Nigeen Club towards the western end of Nigeen Lake. Waking up to the fancy interior of this place is totally dreamy. So come this summer, the subdued environs around the houseboats are much tempting that they invite you for a laid back retreat. This is definitely the stay you have been looking all this while.  

Naaz Kashmir


Luxurious Houseboats of Kashmir banner


It is one of the most luxurious experiences in Kashmir of a houseboat. It offers a wide range of recreational facilities, top notch service and Kashmiri food. The ancient design interiors and modern furnishing are complementary to each other. The colors are fused nicely that it looks all beautiful. Even the view from the deck is so mesmerizing. So hop on the boat and experience a cozy stay here!

Royal Dandoo Palace Group of Houseboats


Kashmir House


It is located at a distance of 2km from the Lal Chowk city and is one of the most popular Kashmir boat houses. The wood-paneled houses, handicrafts, and a cozy fireplace make the houseboat a prominent option in the Dal Lake. It also has dining, and pantry and dedicated crew to serve the travelers in the most efficient manner. It all makes up for an elegant stay in Dal Lake by catering unmatchable experience.

These are some of the best houseboats you can consider when travelling to Kashmir. Because a trip to Kashmir is incomplete without experiencing the charm of staying in a houseboat.

New Cafes in Kashmir banner

4 New Cafes in Kashmir

Kashmir is surely one of the best places to visit when it comes to travel for scenic beauty. There has been a tremendous growth in tourism over the years. . It is the perfect package for nature lovers and adventure freaks and the Food. Lately, young entrepreneurs of the valley in the summer capital of Kashmir, Srinagar have set up some new cafés with innovative ideas. Let’s explore some of the cafes that have been added to the list.

Winterfell Cafe

New Cafes in Kashmir banner


Winterfell cafe is a theme based cafe across the dal lake, inspired by a very popular American TV series, that is ‘Game of Thrones’. The cafe has been decorated with the posters from the show and there is a sword throne as a centerpiece. Not just the ambience but also the food is worth the hype.. Their menu has variety of coffee, tea and sandwich. They organize lots of events like Live music performances, book readings, talks for women and youngsters.

Kamran and Umar, partner cum cousin who owns the cafe, said,” Our Sunday music evenings are particularly appreciated and the place is brimming with people. We have 12 tables but often we are packed beyond capacity. We aim to organize more sessions that will attract more youngsters.”

Me and U cafe


New Cafes in Kashmir banner


This cafe is at Bemina area of Srinagar and is owned by Mehvish Zarger. She is the first ever female cafe owner. The decor of the cafe is subtle and decent. The main aim of the cafe is to provide the food lovers a place where they will enjoy good, hygienic and affordable food menu and also where they can spend quality social time. The café has a retro look which gives it a legit edge.

Downtown Café


New Cafes in Kashmir banner


It was started by two brothers Suhail and Nadeem Bhat. It is located in Gojwara and can cater a gathering of around 90 people. During its inaugural event, they started a promotional offer where free food was served for 2 days continuously. Seven dishes were served to 700 people approximately that manage to make it a instant hit. Downtown cafe is a multi cuisine restaurant that offers various delicacies including the authentic Kashmiri Wazwan — the trendiest serving among others on the menu.

Coffea Arabica


New Cafes in Kashmir banner


It is located on M.A Road, Srinagar. This place is quite popular among school and college going youngsters as well as for businessmen for their official meetings. This place has variety of cuisines to offer like Chinese, Mediterranean, Continental cuisines, Oriental, etc. Moreover, the well designed and a maintained interior creates an aura where one can spend hours relaxing here with unmatched service.

It is heartwarming to know that Kashmir has become home to such lovely cafes where people get to experience mouth watering food and Kashmiri hospitality.

Come and experience the inexperienced.

Traditional Music Instruments of Jammu and Kashmir

Traditional Music Instruments of Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir is known for its enormous beauty, with landscape so colossal that the mountains are almost kissing the sky and the land that is always pregnant with fruits and flowers. Kashmiri music is definitely the rhythm of oneness with universe.


The valley has been blessed with great musicians, like the Santoor players Bhajan Sopori, Alla Rakha and Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, and continues to produce many more talented like Aabha Hanjura and Aadil Gurezi. With changing times, there is one thing that has remained constant among the musicians from the past and the musicians today, it is their love for traditional music instruments.


Let us revisit some of the musical treasuries of Jammu and Kashmir.



Traditional Music Instruments of Jammu and Kashmir, Rabab, Rubab, Santoor, Tumbaknari. Saz-e-Kashmir

One of the oldest and most integral part of Kashmiri music, Rabab originated from central Afghanistan and was adapted into Kashmiri music centuries ago. Although Rabab or Rubab has undergone many constructional changes over a period of time, it remains the most likeable melody of the valley as it is believed that Kashmiri folk music is incomplete without Rabab.

“Rabab is that music or the tune which collects all tunes from instruments and creates its own music. That is why Rabab should be played at every party,” said Sonaullah Reshi, Kashmiri folk singer.

Kashmiri Rababs can be identified with a bulging body, an indented waist, four to six strings and side pegs; usually made by the walnut wood of Kashmiri or the usual almond or mulberry wood.



Traditional Music Instruments of Jammu and Kashmir, Rabab, Rubab, Santoor, Tumbaknari. Saz-e-Kashmir
Indian Santoor is a traditional comrade of Kashmiri Folk music that in Sanskrit texts is referred to as Shata Tantri Vna (The 100 stringer Vina). Santoor is mostly paired with the Sufiana style of music which is an intrinsic part of Kashmiriyat. It can be seen even today in various musical events in the valley. A Santoor can be distinguished just by looking at it. It is in  trapezoid-shape and made up of walnut wood that has of walnut and has 25 bridges. Each bridge has 4 strings, making for a total of 100 strings.

The music of a Santoor is the reminiscence of the rich cultural history, told through melody.


Traditional Music Instruments of Jammu and Kashmir, Rabab, Rubab, Santoor, Tumbaknari. Saz-e-Kashmir

Tumbaknari holds a distinct attribute to it. Unlike other regions using Tumbaknari that make it from woods, Kashmiri Tumbaknari is made up of baked clay to maintain its originality. Its rhythm is so harmonious that it transcends the soul of the listeners to the depths of lakes till the lofty heights of mountains. And adding to its charm, it is also played by the women folk in the valley as a part of amusement and relaxation.

Tumbaknari comes to life after undergoing various phases of shaping and reshaping by the potter and ones into shape, the belly like structure can be put into anybody’s lap to produce melodious music to ease the mind.



Traditional Music Instruments of Jammu and Kashmir, Rabab, Rubab, Santoor, Tumbaknari. Saz-e-Kashmir

Saz-e-Kashmir is an instrument that has been devised in Kashmir and plays an essential part in the cultural and folk music of the valley. One can easily identify this beautiful instrument due to its association with the traditional violin. It has a pot shaped belly with three strings attached to it and is played with a bow and kept in lap while playing.


Music is the soul of heavenly valley of Kashmir. And the traditional instruments accompany the melodies to accelerate to an celestial state.

Although, the present day artistes have also taken to western instruments as per the change of time, the old heritage remains intact in their melodies. Jammu and Kashmir’s recent Sufi and Folk star, Aabha Hanjura, serves as an apt example of an individual that is association with traditional music and instruments of the valley. May the musical heritage of Jammu and Kashmir continue to grow through our youth and lure the hearts of people.

Kashmir Through the Lens of Travel Bloggers

Kashmir Through the Lens of Travel Bloggers

Kashmir Through the Lens of Travel Bloggers

While planning a trip, researching is the first step!

Reading blogs about the place, searching for the best locations to visit and looking for the most famous food to go gluttony over, plays a major role in developing enthusiasm to visit a destination. After the exciting whereabouts comes the question of safety, travelling during night, compatibility for travelling alone, etc.

While planning a trip to Jammu and Kashmir, a common thought that comes in our mind is, “Is it safe to travel to Jammu and Kashmir?”


Yes, it is completely safe, sound and wonderful to travel to the beautiful heaven of Jammu and Kashmir.

Let us take you down to some of the most reliable word of mouth on social media: The Travel Bloggers


Neelima Vallangi

Neelima Vallangi is one of the most known travellers of India. She and her travel story can be simple defined as “The Wandering Soul’s Wandering tales”.

Neelima Vallangi

While Neelima has been to many places in and outside of India, Jammu and Kashmir has not remained out of her list. She defines Kashmir as what we all know as “A PARADISE” in her blogs.

Kashmir Camp

She has written about Kashmir not once but multiple times, describing its beauty, compatibility of travelling, individual locations like Gulmarg, etc. Reading her blogs is pure magic. She does not only represent an outsiders view but also the experience of living and sharing day to day life with the locals.

kashmir ki raat

Read her magical blogs on Kashmir @travelwithneelima

Find her on Instagram @neelimav


Abhinav Chandel

“The guy who quit his job to become a full time traveller and photographer”, The Better India.

Abhinav Chandel

This is enough to describe the genius of Abhinav Chandel. With a vast fan following on Instagram, followers upto 107 K, and love from all parts of India, Abbhinav goes around with the motivational user name of “ABHIANDNOW”, (meaning right now).

Kashmir train

Abhinav chose to describe the undefinable beauty of Kashmir through his blessed talent in poetry, personifying the serenity of the valley into his beloved muse.

“So I think of you, my words sing of you,

as these fragrances bring you back to me and so I search for you,

Outside the window, under a blue sky, midst the green fields of this land,

I look for you and then, I find you like Kashmir.”  -Abhinav Chandel


Dal Lake


He defines Kashmir as “Untouched, Unexplored, Unheard, Unseen and Unsaid” and marks the most beautiful quality of the valley. Everytime you visit Kashmir, it will bring you something new to witness.

Read Abhinav Chandel’s pretty description of Kashmir

For his exceptional photography, find him of Instagram @abhiandnow


Sandeepa and Chetan

The power travel couple, Sandeepa and Chetan quit their jobs, sold their house and decided to travel the world together, and now, they are giving all of us major travel, couple and photography goals through their wonderful stories and blogs.

Sandeepa and Chetan

Unravelling the offbeat areas of Jammu and Kashmir, mingling with the local people to present the most efficient account of real Kashmir and unfolding a complete guide and itinerary for travelling to the valley, there are no better guides then the blogs of Sandeepa and Chetan.

Nice View of kashmir

The also have some of the best pictures of the children and people of the valley to us in their blog, which are undoubtedly going widely viral on internet. They are truly blessed!

Read their incredible blogs on Kashmir

Find them on Instagram @sandeepachetan


Jammu and Kashmir has been a major travel destination since its very existence. All our parents, grand-parents have loving and romantic memories of their travel to the valley. And Inshaallah, even today, Jammu and Kashmir is blessed with a happy tourist footfall every year.

Kids of kashmir

At Kashmiri Life, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all the travel bloggers who bestow their love for the valley through their kind words and photos. Kashmir awaits more of you, travel to us!

4 Religious Places to Visit in Kashmir

4 Religious Places to Visit in Kashmir

4 Religious Places to Visit in Kashmir

The State of Jammu and Kashmir is among the most important destinations for those seeking peace and spirituality. Rich in culture and history right from the historic time, travelers coming here to revive themselves have never been disappointed. It is not only restricted to the beautiful landscape, snow capped mountains but also the splendid architecture, legendary shrines that pulls lakhs of visitors, regardless of geographical and religious restraints.


Off late, religious places have become popular with the youth also. The picture perfect locations, perfect angles for photography, intriguing history, traditions and rituals made the people hard to resist not the visiting the place. So let’s have a look at the top 4 holy places of Jammu and Kashmir and find if there’s a story behind it.


Jamia Masjid

Jamia Masjid is one of the sacred mosques not only in Kashmir but also in India. It is situated in Nowata in the middle of the city. The construction of this Mosque was started by Sultan Sikandar in 1394 CE and completed in 1402 CE. The architecture of the mosque is heavily influenced by the Indo-Saracenic style and made in the Persian manner. It is donned with 370 wooden pillars creates a major point of attraction. Since years, the beauty of this place has been retained in the valley.


4 Religious Places to Visit in Kashmir


Amarnath Cave

It is a Hindu shrine which located 141 kms away from Srinagar and is reached through Pahalgam. This is shrine is of great importance in Hindu religion. According to some legends, Bhrigu Muni discovered Amarnath.

Most time of the year, the cave is totally covered with the snow and is open for pilgrims for a short period of time in summer. The beginning of the annual pilgrimage is called Amarnath Yatra. The journey is hands down amazing. The golden glow of the sun and the turbulent rivers all way long make the journey a experience of the lifetime.

4 Religious Places to Visit in Kashmir

Hazratbal Shrine

The word Hazrat is an urdu word which means ‘Respected’ and Kashmiri word bal means ‘place’. It, thus, means the place which given high respect and regards. It is situated in Hazratbal on the bank of the Dal Lake in Srinagar and is considered as the holiest Muslim shrine in Kashmir. It is carved with white marble and has a unique relic, the Moi-e-Muqaddas. It is believed by many Muslims of Kashmir to be a hair of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. It is surrounded by humongous mountains from all the sides which make the place even more beautiful. It depicts the Kashmiriyat of those olden times.

4 Religious Places to Visit in Kashmir


Shankaracharya Temple

This temple is also known as the Zest Eshwara temple or Sulaiman Thong, situated in Srinagar on the hills known as Takht-e-Suleiman. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is the oldest shrine in the Valley. This temple has gained a lot of importance from the religious point of view and architectural as well. It is under high security zone.

The view in the night from the terrace of the temple is totally enchanting. This makes wonderful experience with the mountain ranges in the background and lights from the houseboat reflecting in water of Dal Lake.

4 Religious Places to Visit in Kashmir

People from the entire world come to visit to these holy places with all their heart. There is an essence of spirituality in the air of Kashmir, So if you want to experience the same, pack your bags and pay a visit to this heaven!

4 Ways to Kill the Chill in Kashmir

4 Ways to Kill the Chill in Kashmir

4 Ways to Kill the Chill in Kashmir

Sitting in the balcony, sipping a nice hot cuppa of kahwa and enjoying the beautiful snowfall- Amazing, isn’t it? Winters in Kashmir are one the best experience one can ever have. Whole North India is celebrating winters in their own way. Each one of it has its own specialty. But what’s more important is keeping yourself warm throughout the period. You will see different culture has different ways to keep them warm. While Chinese use a Bed Stove and on the other hand Canadians starts their day with heavy meal to keep their body warm. As they say  ‘When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do’  So when you are in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, there are certain things that natives do to stay warm, The Kashmiri way! Let’s have a look what does they have to offer.



When Kashmir is covered with the blanket of snow then there comes a traditional way to bite the cold off. That’s Kagri.  It is somewhat like a Personal heater, yeah, you heard it right! It is basically a mud pot filled with red-hot coal that is kept under your clothes. JUST IMAGINE! A heater inside your clothes. And what the best part is, it is one of the inexpensive source that keeps you warm. It is made up of two parts an outer encasement of wicker and an earthen bowl-shaped pot called a kondu. It varies in size, a medium size Kangri can holds a pound of coal, and its fire lasts up to six hours.

4 Ways to Kill the Chill in Kashmir



Hamam is one of the mughal innovations that every Kashmiri use to kill the chill. It is a type of room which consists of a thick, rectangular slab of limestone that is laid over a hollowed floor. Fire woods are used to heat up the floor.

In Earlier times, houses in valley were made of timber and baked brick and they could easily do without a hamam but the new houses are building of brick and concrete, so when the temperature decreases to below zero, hamams become an absolute necessity.


4 Ways to Kill the Chill in Kashmir




Bukhari is taken from the term ‘bukhār’ which is a hindustani word which means heat. Bukhari is a wood burning stove, a traditional space heater. It consists of a wide cylindrical fire-chamber in which charcoal and other fuel is burned. There is a narrow cylinder at the top which act like a chimney and helps in heating the room. For the people of Kashmir it is one of the cost efficient ways that can be used in chilly winters.

4 Ways to Kill the Chill in Kashmir




It is known as the magic tea in India and full of antioxidants. It is a type of traditional green tea and popular post-breakfast beverage, generally served with special Kashmiri baked items like girda. The saffron which is present in it helps to keep your body warm and boost the immune system in winters.

4 Ways to Kill the Chill in Kashmir


These are the age-old traditions that Kashmiris use to stay warm during Chillai Kalan.

Tell us what are things you do in winters to bite off the cold? Till then stay warm and spread warmth!

Kashmir, a classical background for Bollywood movies

Kashmir, a classical background for Bollywood movies

Kashmir, a classical background for Bollywood movies

“Tareef Karun Kya Uski, Jisne Tumhe Banaaya”.

Definitely the most fitting words to appreciating beautiful Sharmila Tagore in Kashmir Ki Kali and the destination they were filmed at, i.e., Kashmir.

The love for Jammu and Kashmir in Bollywood is everlasting. From Shammi Kapoor to Hrithik Roshan to Ranbir Kapoor, from Sharmila Tagore to Preity Zinta to Alia Bhatt, we have seen them all in the beautiful landscapes of Kashmir.

In one of our old articles, “Kashmir, a proud backdrop to many Bollywood movies”, we have talked about ten films like Highway, Fitoor, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Rockstar, etc. that have used Kashmir as its backdrop. Here, in this article, let’s take you down to more bollywood films that not only glorify Kashmir for its beauty but also focuses on the disparity between the perceived notion of Kashmir (due to existing & past conflicts) and the real Kashmir.


Kashmir Ki Kali

Kashmir, a classical background for Bollywood movies

Kashmir Ki Kali, only the name is enough to suggest the gist of the movie. With its enticing song “Tareef Karun Kya Uski”, where the charming Shammi Kapoor sets a benchmark for proposing the love of one’s life in Srinagar’s Dal Lake, the movie has also depicted the loving and warm nature of Kashmiri people, their tradition and culture.


Kashmir, a classical background for Bollywood movies

The film glorifies the magnificent Tulip Gardens of Srinagar and various other sceneries from the valley in its songs like “Dekha Ek Khwab”. Tulip Gardens are like a treasure hidden in Kashmir as they are the spirit of spring season in the valley. It feels amazing  that Yash Chopra, the great Bollywood director, chose Kashmir to depict the romance in his films  not once but often, eg, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Lamhe, etc.


Jab Jab Phool Khile

Kashmir, a classical background for Bollywood movies

Jab Jab Phool Khile is famous for its awestrucking depiction of Dal Lake. The movie unravels the love the love story of a boat man with a heiress who are both seen romancing in the beautiful Shikaras at the lake.


Kabhi Kabhi

Kashmir, a classical background for Bollywood movies

After the production of Kabhi Kabhi, director Yash Chopra defined his experience of filming the movie in Kashmir as a “honeymoon”. Both on his account and from the movie it can be perceived that Kashmir is indeed the valley of dreams, a heaven for couples!


It is therefore apt to say that, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever!”. So pack your bags and let there be no delay in your desire to visit locations in Jammu and Kashmir that even our celebrities are  not able to resist.