15 Things-to-do in Kashmir_ A Whisper to Solo-Travellers

15 Things to-do in Kashmir: A Whisper to Solo-Travellers

Like a lot of people, I am also tired of making and cancelling travel plans with friends and family because of someone’s unavailability or too many suggestions. Well, I see solo-traveling as the only solution for now! However scary at first, as you travel solo- being entirely responsible for yourself, you will discover exactly how […]

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Jammu and Kashmir for Tea Lovers

  After a long tiring day, what is your tonic to relieve stress? Mine is a hot steaming cup of Chai (Tea). There is something about good-old cup of tea that makes you so happy. Feeling bored, have chai. Feeling tired, chai is the answer! Want to have a conversation with a friend? Let’s get […]


5 Mesmerizing Lakes in Jammu and Kashmir

  “A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.”                                                                                                                                                       -William Wordsworth Can you ever think of witnessing the blue sky, captivating meadows, turquoise waters and snow at the same time? Yes, it’s absolutely possible in the beautiful state of Kashmir! Just imagine spending your day in a Shikara under the divine […]