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Your Offbeat Shopping Cart From Kashmir

“Keep some souvenirs of your past, or how will you ever prove it wasn’t all a dream?” From the majestic Chinar trees, the mighty Himalayas, the lush green hillsides, the mesmerising sounds of the Rabab, the finely woven Pashmina, the Dal Jheel reflecting ornamental walnut wood carved houseboats, the local Kashmiri chacha in pheran, the […]

Best Kashmiri Restaurants across India

Best Kashmiri Restaurants across India A cuisine is the most effective way of expressing the culture of a particular place and as Alex Atala says, “I believe that cuisine is the most important link between nature and culture”, it is also a positive utilization of the magnificent nature. Cuisine is born out of diverseness in […]

Ramzan in the Chinar Shade, Kashmir

The blessed month of Ramzan is here. Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and begins with the sighting of the crescent moon. This month has a charm of its own and like everywhere else; the incredible spirit of Ramzan is observed with great vehemence and zeal here in Kashmir. If you […]

Buying Kashmiri Saffron? Real or Fake?

“I hear stories of an ancient land so pure. I see photographs of bluer than blue skies over a lake of molten gold. I drink kahwa flavoured with almond and saffron and add honey, sweetened by bees from the valley” – Jhilmil Breckenridge (Ballads of Kashmir) The more one talks about the beauty of Kashmir, […]

Traditional Sufi songs gives way to Sufi Rock bands in Kashmir

The Valle of Kashmir is famous all over the world because of its beautiful mountainous landscape wrapped with unique culture, tradition and mostly, for it’s deeply interwoven Sufi Culture. Sufism has a great impact on Kashmir and is integral to KASHMIRIYAT. Jammu and Kashmir is steeped in Sufi ethos, Sufi shrines, and music. There are […]

A picture perfect Spring in Kashmir!

  “Wanda tchali, sheen gali, beyiyibahar”, wrote the Kashmiri poet Mehjoor, which translates to — “winter will end, the snow will melt and again spring will come.” While the days are getting longer and nights getting shorter and the first signs of life are coming forth after a seemingly endless pale winter it feels like […]