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4 New Cafes in Kashmir

Kashmir is surely one of the best places to visit when it comes to travel for scenic beauty. There has been a tremendous growth in tourism over the years. . It is the perfect package for nature lovers and adventure freaks and the Food. Lately, young entrepreneurs of the valley in the summer capital of Kashmir, Srinagar have set up some new cafés with innovative ideas. Let’s explore some of the cafes that have been added to the list.

Winterfell Cafe

New Cafes in Kashmir banner


Winterfell cafe is a theme based cafe across the dal lake, inspired by a very popular American TV series, that is ‘Game of Thrones’. The cafe has been decorated with the posters from the show and there is a sword throne as a centerpiece. Not just the ambience but also the food is worth the hype.. Their menu has variety of coffee, tea and sandwich. They organize lots of events like Live music performances, book readings, talks for women and youngsters.

Kamran and Umar, partner cum cousin who owns the cafe, said,” Our Sunday music evenings are particularly appreciated and the place is brimming with people. We have 12 tables but often we are packed beyond capacity. We aim to organize more sessions that will attract more youngsters.”

Me and U cafe


New Cafes in Kashmir banner


This cafe is at Bemina area of Srinagar and is owned by Mehvish Zarger. She is the first ever female cafe owner. The decor of the cafe is subtle and decent. The main aim of the cafe is to provide the food lovers a place where they will enjoy good, hygienic and affordable food menu and also where they can spend quality social time. The café has a retro look which gives it a legit edge.

Downtown Café


New Cafes in Kashmir banner


It was started by two brothers Suhail and Nadeem Bhat. It is located in Gojwara and can cater a gathering of around 90 people. During its inaugural event, they started a promotional offer where free food was served for 2 days continuously. Seven dishes were served to 700 people approximately that manage to make it a instant hit. Downtown cafe is a multi cuisine restaurant that offers various delicacies including the authentic Kashmiri Wazwan — the trendiest serving among others on the menu.

Coffea Arabica


New Cafes in Kashmir banner


It is located on M.A Road, Srinagar. This place is quite popular among school and college going youngsters as well as for businessmen for their official meetings. This place has variety of cuisines to offer like Chinese, Mediterranean, Continental cuisines, Oriental, etc. Moreover, the well designed and a maintained interior creates an aura where one can spend hours relaxing here with unmatched service.

It is heartwarming to know that Kashmir has become home to such lovely cafes where people get to experience mouth watering food and Kashmiri hospitality.

Come and experience the inexperienced.