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The Food Street of Kashmir

A hunger spot for the hungry souls in the center of busy Srinagar near Khayam Chowk.

Trying local cuisines while traveling is one of the most important parts of the itinerary.
Similarly, if you are visiting Jammu and Kashmir, Jannat would welcome you with open arms to try out the tasty Kashmiri Cuisine from Food Street.

“Food Street” is a paradise where a bunch of locals, as well as the tourists, flock in to relish their taste buds with the lip-smacking food offered by the Food Street at the best affordable prices near Khayam Chowk. This market has got a total of fifteen shops in a narrow lane.

Out of the fifteen shops the biggest shop in the Food Street belongs to Yasir Dharma, who inherited the business from his father some twenty-five years back.

This place is a paradise for barbeque lovers. As the evening hours arrive the Food Street gets packed with barbeque longing souls. This place is visited by people from different walks of life; be it a civilian or renowned personality, this street has witnessed it all.

“I have had the honor of serving my barbecue skewer to the chief minister (Omar Abdullah), who came here once with a friend and had my skewers inside his SUV parked alongside the road,” said Imran Barbecue Cafeteria owner Iqbal.

Ghulam Nabi Kumar, a government employee who says, “I eat my lunch here every day, I cannot afford to visit the posh restaurants.”

An amazed blogger of named Indrajit Lahiri who tried Seekh kebab that was around 12″ long, paired with 4 types of chutneys and 2 pcs of Lavasa from Muneer Cafeteria.

When you enter the street early in the morning you can see the cooks busy preparing the dishes so that they could be ready to be served by 10 a.m. But as the clock moves towards the lunch-time, the Food Street is shrouded with an appetizing aroma that could pull in anyone.

This place offers you a range of scrumptious food at affordable prices. Though there are only limited items included in the menu like lentils, vegetables, cheese, and a few non-vegetarian dishes; you get the best Kashmiri food that tastes like home.

Another noticeable fact about this street is that it works like a buffet system. If you want to ask for more Batte (rice) for yourself, you can definitely do without any hesitation.
That is the reason why this street is also proclaimed as Batte Gali (Batte means rice in Kashmiri and Galli means street).

Almost a decade ago, Food Street was taken up by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation for renovation. A proper entrance was made with red brick pillars and gates at the entrance of the street with a board on the top “FOOD STREET – Developed by J&K Tourism Department. The renovation included installation of street lamp posts and red baked tiles interred into the street.

Though the street lamps have lost their glow due to lack of maintenance; Food Street has maintained its aura and originality throughout the years.

Years have passed by but this Food Street has stood strong against the new cafeterias and shops that came up with the passing years and also has never compromised on its taste and authenticity.

So, next time when you touch down in Kashmir, don’t forget to witness the actual flavors of Paradise on Earth. This living palatable beauty in Khayam Chowk will always welcome you.