A picture perfect Spring in Kashmir!



“Wanda tchali, sheen gali, beyiyibahar”, wrote the Kashmiri poet Mehjoor, which translates to — “winter will end, the snow will melt and again spring will come.”

While the days are getting longer and nights getting shorter and the first signs of life are coming forth after a seemingly endless pale winter it feels like God himself is breathing new life back into his creation. Each season is unique but by far spring is my favourite season.
If the main highlight of autumn in the Vale is the blushing chinars, the pale poplars and not to forget the saffron fields of Pampore, then the white-pink almond blossoms, the fresh vibrant tulips typify spring in the Valley.  Spring does not only serve as a break from the extreme winter conditions in the valley but also adds colour to the Valley, with the grey gloom of winter lifting to reveal vibrant blossoms and greenery.
My heart leaps out in joy to witness colors everywhere after the winter grays and whites and welcome the fresh colorful spring breeze.

Nature is in her finest moods in the valley now, encouraging more new buds to form and once again adding the bloom that has faded away. The entire valley is soaked in the freshness and tempting fragrance of new blooms of almonds, cherries, apples, peaches, pears, pansies, narcissi, daises etc. shooting out of their buds, strong enough to pull tourists from all parts of the world.

As the weather warms up here in Kashmir, there are many fun activities that you can add to your to-do list. Make the most of the beautiful spring if you plan to vacation in this paradise.

Tulip Garden in Kashmir

Come mesmerize your senses in the infamous Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden.

Located at the foothills of Zabarwan range with an overview of the beautiful Dal Lake is Asia’s largest spectacular Tulip Garden with over a two million colorful tulips.
Come make an amazing fragrant memory of spring in Kashmir with your friends and family.



Enjoy a breathtaking view of Badamwari (Almond Orchard) 

The pretty blossom of an almond tree on a naked leafless stem after awakening from their winter sleep is an eye soothing view. Kashmiri almonds are famous for their sweet taste and even more famous for its pure white sheen.
Heal your soul amidst scores of beautiful almond blossoms that rests in the foothills of Koh-e-Maraan spreading over 300 acres, in Badamwari.



The sun-gold mustard fields will make you feel the happy yellow and the lively green
To take a look at the true colour of nature, take a drive up and down the yellow carpet of happiness stretched over many patches of earth. The chinar trees standing tall in the mustard fields will caress your soul and spirit in the warmest hug as the sun shines on them.
Found on the way to Pahalgam and many other areas of Kashmir, the sun gold mustard fields is here to offer you the fresh treat of spring.
Locally known as ‘TeeliGogul’, believe me when I say, you must visit Kashmir in spring to make your heart skip a beat while you witness the stunning view!

Dal Lekh


Re-fresh, Re-new, Re-awake!
After a cold and harsh winter of Kashmir, spring is considered to be a season of rebirth. Along with the nature shaking off the heaviness of winter, waken up your body and soul with fresh green veggies and rich delicious fruits. Some of the best picks from spring in Kashmir are avocados, apricots, cherry and greens including chilies, coriander, cilantro, beans, collard greens, cucumbers, spring onions and a lot more.



Welcome spring with the chirps and songs of birds

“In the spring months, these birds of passage also spend some time in the valley before moving to their summer homes.” Sandhill cranes and cormorants arrive here in spring from the Indian plains to spend some time before they also migrate to their summer homes.
Orioles, cuckoos, starlings, nightingales, hoopoes, and doves arrive in spring to bring the Valley back to life with their songs and magnificent colours.

Spring has always been the season of colour and hope in the Valley.
 ‘Kashmir mesmerizes you whichever season you go. More so in spring. It is picture perfect!’

Being a Kashmiri mother

Being a Kashmiri Mother

The truth of living in times driven by media is that it loves to concentrate on the bad things in life rather than the positive ones. And as a result unlike the rest of the country, Kashmir manages to live in the headlines for mostly bad reasons that are visible to the media.
The coverage of Kashmir that the non-residents see is through a narrow lens of media, which is mainly the reason we at KashmiriLife choose to reflect on the daily life, traditions, festivals, art and culture, here at large. With the world celebrating Mother’s day on May 13th, let’s see what story Kashmir has to tell.

To start, let’s talk about our love – our mother and food. Our conversation starts with food and ends with food just as our days.
Our day starts at 5 with the pleasant Azaan heard every morning. We wake up and get ready and our ‘nun chai’ and ‘kandur chot’ (bakery of kashmir) is ready! What’s better than waking up to a scrumptious breakfast every morning? An even better lunch that follows.
Who has the time to worry about what to cook for lunch while having breakfast? Of course our mothers.Mother is the only person who’s ‘pro’ at feeding her children and constantly worries that the child needs to be fed. The one thing they’d never forget to do, is pilling on a few extra pounds on you when you come back home from the hostel as you are never fat enough for her. And let’s accept this who doesn’t crave for mom’s home-made food!

It goes without saying that mothers are creatures blessed with divine qualities of unconditional love, ability to sacrifice and Kashmiri mothers are no exceptions. They pray to the Lord to put them through all the trials instead of their children.
You’d often hear them saying things in Kashmiri like ‘Balai lagai’ ‘Rati chaep lagai’ ‘Zu panun vandai’ to their children which all in all mean ‘may all your hardships be mine’ ‘May all your mis-happenings occur to me instead’.
Though I’m not well versed in a lot of languages but, Kashmiri is definitely the most expressive and sweetest language. Here’s some heart warming phrases you’ll get to hear on a daily basis that mothers use to express love towards us, ‘Zu myon’ (My life!)  ‘Jigar’ (A piece of my heart)  Gobur myon (My loving child) and so on.

When they get mad, we are petrified of them. They scold us, threaten to the extent of ‘Naar di yiman kitaban’ sarcastically which means ‘Set your books on fire’ ,’Paei trath,tche mandchawak aes’ (May you get struck with lightning, you’ll put our name to shame) but here’s a gentle reminder, they’ll not spare anybody if they set a finger at you.
Well, these threats work great.

Nobody can match the warmth of a mother’s embrace. Remember, you never grow up for her. They’d wrap you into a huge bear hug and have a typical Koshur style of kissing. The warmth of a costly Pashmina shawl is no match for a ‘Mouji’s’ hug and kisses. The love is such that you can never miss it and it will definitely warm up your heart.


Regardless of their different shades there’s nobody who makes you feel safer than mothers.
Kashmiri women are adorable! And they make really cute moms. We love them more for all of these qualities.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! May God bless them.