KASHMIRI FUN-FACT, Guaranteed to PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE and Brighten up your day.

We at Kashmiri Life had decided to collect the most interesting Kashmiri fun-fact and no, we will not fail you. Put aside all your work for ten minutes and check out this list of some more Kashmiri fun-facts that’ll keep you entertained for some time and boost your productivity at work as they say, “Happiness inspires productivity.” Without wasting much time let’s dive into Kashmiri fun-facts straightaway.


Kashmiri fun-fact – An adorable thing that every mom does and we absolutely love it.


She loves you more than her life but is also the one who keeps pricking you on all your mistakes trying to make you a better person, and no prizes for guessing she is ‘A mother’. Here I’d like to take an opportunity to quote the legendary actor Mr. Shashi Kapoor, “Mere paas Maa hae”. ‘Maa/Mother/Mouji/Ammi’, a word that evokes strong emotions. Let’s start with an adorable thing that every Kashmiri mother does. Keeping us before herself always proves her unconditional love for us. Here is our summarized experience. Her drama is never ending but that is what lights up your life, isn’t it?


Kashmiri fun-fact –Kashmiris Hindi speaking skills.

We are known for our notorious Hindi speaking skills. When it comes to speaking the Hindi language we simply get confused. Here’s a proof.

Kashmiri fun-fact – Kashmiri English vs. Indian English


We have a different accent in pronouncing things. As per pronunciation is concerned Just as it is difficult to remove ‘heaven’ from Kashmir, similarly, it is difficult to remove an extra ‘a’ from our pronunciations. I can give you a list of mispronounced words, but wait, mistake me not; Koshur is honey-sweet on the ears.

Kashmiri fun-fact – Our way of mastering the wedding dance

Fearing the wedding season as it’s time to get your groove on? No need to fear, we are here with a step-by-step guide to an easy dance move that anyone can master. Yes, heard about the ‘screwing those light bulbs’ step? A simple extending your arms outwards and bringing them in and repeating the step five to six times are all about our dance.

Kashmiri fun-fact – Our showing off skills

Apart from showing off our dance skills we can randomly enter an artifacts shop and show off how much we know about the products and leave the shop without buying anything and without even feeling guilty about it. Part of our strategy is to make the shopkeepers feel that their product is not worth buying.


Kashmiri fun-fact – The love of our life(Food)

How can we write an article on Kashmiri Fun-facts and not talk about food even once? If food is what you think all day and all night, you are a true Kashmiri. We may be sharing this common interest with the rest of the country, but our love for food is one step ahead.  “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

Conclusion: We will weave in more fun-facts you didn’t know about a Kashmiri. Trust me there are so many Kashmiri fun-facts to share with you! Bet our list is so far the unique!


Chillain Kalan – 40days of biting cold

When the sun burns coldly under a low grey sky and when the only alternative source of heat is the kanger , the traditional fire pot, you know that winter is putting footsteps in the Valley. At sunset the clouds gathered again calling it a night but of-course as they say, with the promise of a new dawn, the flowers sleep and trees show their bony limbs once more and a smile plays upon your cold face, yes ‘Chillai Kalan’ has come upon the people of the valley once again.

While the coldest seasons of the year is ordinarily known as ‘winter’ everywhere else, we Kashmiris call it ‘Chillas’. The most severe times of winter spread through three months and divided into three parts – ‘the Chillai Kalan’, ‘the Chillai Khurd’, and ‘the Challai Bache’.


‘Chillai-Kalan’ is the traditional 40-day period of harsh winter. It begins from December 21 and ends on January 31 next year. Instead of a gentle breeze the air turns into sub-zero temperatures, frozen lakes and rivers, and the demand for Kangri, electric blanket goes up.
According to a tradition, 21st December is celebrated as Shab-e Chelleh (Night of Forty), which refers to the beginning of the first 40 days of Winter. It is believed to be the longest night of the season, but not scientifically proven. The onset of Chillai Kalan is celebrated by preparing 40 kinds of dishes; people are dressed in their traditional dresses and perform traditional dance forms like Dumhal.
Kashmir Valley dons a white cloak. The air is tinged with blue and grey, and pools of water freeze on streets only to squeak when stepped on. The chances of snowfall are most frequent and maximum in Chillai-kalan. Life takes a slow pace in the valley till the end of January. People usually stock up essentials including dried vegetables, coal and kerosene.
During these winters when your floors are getting too cold to handle, ‘Hamam’ comes to the rescue. Hamams are rooms where firewoods are used beneath the floor, made of special stones, with the goal to keep it warm. And the secret of keeping oneself warm is by effectively layering up in woolen clothing, pheran, jackets and the fire-pot beneath the dress.

There is also a saying of Chillai Kalan- ‘A garlic a day for a healthy stay’, referring to have a garlic every day as a precaution to stay away from the common effects of cold and be healthy.

Thankfully, the harshest period is followed by the 20-day-long ‘Chilai Khurd’ (small cold) at the end of January that occurs between January 31 and February 19, and subsequently the 10-day-long ‘Chillai Bacha’ is from February 20 to March 2 (baby cold) which won’t be as harsh as the 40-day-period. Any snowfall during this season does not last long.

The colors of winter paint the valley with shades of grey and white. Winter here is not just a season, we hear about people going back to their roots in the biting cold.
Last but not the least, remember my friends, “No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”