Kashmiri red chilli powder

Kashmir is known not only for its exalting beauty but also for the rich culinary history dominated by Kashmiri spices. Spices of Kashmir is the soul of the valley of royal cuisines, which adds colour, flavour, aroma and taste. We Kashmiris love our food and each ingredient has its utmost importance in providing flavor to the dish. Kashmiri Mirch is one such secret spice behind the flavourful Kashmiri foods. The mouth-watering Kashmiri delicacies has a special red colour which is because of this famous Kashmiri Mirch (Red Chilli). The rich aroma of this Kashmiri spice intensify the richness of dish. As they say, you first eat with your eyes and nose and then with your mouth and tongue, Kashmiri Mirch makes any dish qualified for such divine food experience. Exotic Kashmiri Mirch is a special blend of medium hot quality red pepper which is used for Tandoori dishes or other dishes mostly prepared in clay ovens called Tandoor; when used in curry it imparts bright red colour making food more appealing and palatable.

Kashmiri Mirch is less pungent in taste, are smaller in size and are of round in shape. The specialty of Kashmiri Mirch is that it lends a bright red colour to any food. The roasted Kashmiri chilli has a very pleasant aroma. It can redden anything that is capable of absorbing colour such as the oil present on surface of meat etc. Mutton Roghan Josh is a Kashmiri dish that looks delicious, and one of its basic ingredient is Kashmiri Mirch. The colour and distinct taste of this delicious Kashmiri dish completely depends on usage of Kashmiri Mirch.

They are used in all forms, either fresh, dried, wrinkled or grounded.

Also fried or dried chilli is used to make spicy chutney, a bottled condiment or hot sauce. Fresh Kashmiri Chilli are used for making pickles because of the less content of pungent taste. Apart from rich colour content and flavour Kashmiri Mirch is high in nutritional value.

It is a good source of vitamin A and Vitamin c which helps to boost immunity. The nutritional value of this spice makes its high usage worth.

Kashmiri red chilli powder is grown mostly in Kashmir region and is available in different forms such as whole, grounded or wrinkled form.

The profit earned through the export and import of spices is anyway marvelous. Kashmiri Mirch is one of those spices. India is the largest producer, exporter of Kashmiri Mirch and the exciting fact is, it is also the largest consumer of this spice.

Hence, we can now easily calculate the demand and usage of Kashmiri Mirch which is high and also this spice covers a good market around the globe.

Have you tried it yet? Below are some sources from where you can buy Kashmiri Mirch.

1.) http://www.kashmirispices.com/

2.) https://www.kashmirbox.com/healthy-living/exotic-foods/spices-and-herbs

Long Live Street food of Kashmir

A mouth-watering journey. Long Live Street food of Kashmir!

How to tell if you are a street food addict? Firstly, you’ll be salivating over this Blog’s title ‘Street food of Kashmir’. Secondly, you’ll look on different websites to collect detailed information about these foods and last but not the least you’ll immediately plan a trip to savour the exceptional flavors of streets of Kashmir with us.
Kashmir is known for its wonderful food and it has been home for food loving people from all walks of life! We all know that Kashmir is rich in culture, tradition, arts and crafts, but how many of us have actually experienced the mouthwatering wazwan, the winter delicacy of harissa or the famous street food of Kashmir? The food here is as rich and as old as our culture, arts and crafts.

So let’s start the journey through the soul of Kashmir, the street foods of Kashmir. Let the smell guide you to a plate full of cholesterol rich food.
For all those health conscious people out there after reading the blog you might have to spoil your resolve.

1. Kashmiri lotus stem snack: NADER MONJE

 Long Live Street food of Kashmir- kashmiri life
These are lotus stems pieces dipped in subtle spiced besan(gram flour) batter and usually fried in oil and served with spicy onion chutney. We tested French fries and nader monje and we can tell you for sure these French fries stands nowhere when compared to our very own Nader Monje. After having a plate of this oil dripping delicacy you’ll understand why we crave Kashmiri street foods.

2. A parantha as big as your dream – TOBRUK HALWE-PORATH

A parantha as big as your dream - TOBRUK HALWE-PORATH - Kashmirilife
It’s usually yellow in color made from mixing sooji with ghee and lots of dry fruits. The parantha has a diameter of 3ft and tastes sweet. Sure it will taste better when it is eaten hot.


The poor man's wrap - MASALE TZHOT/MASAAL TCHOT & KRUHUN MASALE- kashmiri life
Wanna satisfy your taste buds and end your hunger at the same time? After biting into this Kashmiri version of a wrap you’d have killed two birds with one stone.

4. To compliment your ‘Kahwa’ – SHANGRAM/LALA SHANGRAM

This sweet and gooey delicacy is made by mixing flour, sooji and sugar and deep frying in oil. What’s better than a little crisp outside and the soft spongy centre just melts in your mouth? Yummy it is!

5. For the fish lovers out there, we’ve got you – MONJE GAAD/ GADDE MONJJE

For the fish lovers out there, we've got you - MONJE GAAD/ GADDE MONJJE
If you like fish, I would recommend this snack of Kashmir. Deboned fish deep fried in spiced rice flour and besan. Rich and tasty!

6. A sugared treat – KHAND-E-GAZIR

A sugared treat - KHAND-E-GAZIR - kashmirilife
Crunchy bites into hard candies made from flour dough and ghee followed by a dip in sugar syrup is a sweet-tooth satisfaction. Very popular among children.

7. From the sweet family – BASRAKH

From the sweet family - BASRAKH- kashmiri life
The sugary delicacy from the traditional sweet family made from flour mixed with ghee and then dipped in sugar syrup leaves an after taste in your mouth that’ll leaves you craving for more. A snowball in desert.

8. The eye candy – ANCHAR/PICKLE

The eye candy - ANCHAR/PICKLE- kashmirilife
Tease your brain by looking at the appetizing color of the fresh and tasty vegetable pickle aka Kashmiri style. I don’t want to know the science behind why my mouth waters when I see the colorful, vaer spiced vegetables as long as it is served to me as a side dish with roti or rice.

9. It’s time for you to try Kashmiri Kebabs – TUJJI/TUJJ

It's time for you to try Kashmiri Kebabs - TUJJI/TUJJ- kashmiri life
It’s time to try our home-made Barbeque. A meat lover’s tip for you: You are not a true food lover if you feel ashamed about not wasting a single savory bite of the smoked Kashmiri barbecue, tujje!


Matka Kulfi- kashmiri life
So if you have a sweet tooth and demand a dessert after meals, don’t shy away from grabbing an ice-cream matka(earthen-ware pot).

Looking for all these street foods at the same place? Try the lanes of Hazratbal.

I rest my case here.
If you have already tried any of these street foods of Kashmir please share your experiences with us.