The Glory of Sufism in Kashmir

"Old is gold,” is an English proverb that held true yesterday…

KASHMIRI FUN-FACT, Guaranteed to PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE and Brighten up your day.

We at Kashmiri Life had decided to collect the most interesting…

Chillain Kalan – 40days of biting cold

When the sun burns coldly under a low grey sky and when the…

Kashmiri Fun-facts

The weekend’s approaching and let us help you celebrate…

KASHMIRI KANGRI – A love of Tradition

While taking a stroll on the banks of Jhelum River and soaking…

Kashmir – The Paradise of Migratory Birds

Hi friends, it’s that time of the year again when you’re…

Masterpieces from the land of magical embroideries, Kashmir.

My friend Stella had come to India and was staying with us…

The winds of winter carry the local flavor of Kashmiri dishes.

“Winters are coming!” Got reminded of Game of Thrones?…

The Forgotten Floor Mat of Kashmir - WAGU

If you imagine a real traditional Kashmiri room, chances…
Long Live Street food of Kashmir

A mouth-watering journey. Long Live Street food of Kashmir!

How to tell if you are a street food addict? Firstly, you'll…
1.-Header - Kashmiri Gift giving 101: Traditions and customs - Kashmiri life

Kashmiri Gift Giving 101: Traditions And Customs

Let me share a secret today! If you are like me, you love giving…
kashmiri_henna - The Big Fat Kashmiri Hindu Wedding - kashmiri life

The Big Fat Kashmiri Hindu Wedding (Customs and Traditions)

Do you have enough time to spend on the internet today, reading…
The Story Of A 'City Of 7 Bridges/Kadal'-From The City Of Kashmir

The Story Of A 'City Of 7 Bridges/Kadal'-From The City Of Kashmir

The old city of Srinagar - An Indian city that still holds on…
Fruit variety in kashmir - kashmiri life

Varieties Of Fruits Grown In The Valley Of Kashmir

Have you ever painted an image of Paradise in your mind? Typically…
mogra-kashmiri-saffron- kashmiri life

Saffron: The Incredible Secret Of Authentic Kashmiri Spices

“Autumn that year painted the countryside in vivid shades of…
Ladies-with-Pehran-dancing- kashmiri life

PHERAN- A Dress Defining The Richness Of Kashmir

Kashmir has always been adored because of its beauty, rich culture,…
kashmir cafe culture - kashmiri life

Café culture in Kashmir

Kashmir is often seen as a city with its quintessential natural…
Kashmiri Apple Crops In Demand In Asian Markets- kashmiri life

The Apple of Paradise

Kashmir, so much diversity! The many shades of Kashmir will…
Namdah carpet famous kashmir carpet - kashmiri life

The Magic Of Numdah Carpets

Just as the long-revered beauty of Kashmir, the bright orange,…
A Feast For The Eyes – Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir- kashmiri life

A Feast For The Eyes - Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir

"Sometimes we all get dusty by a few mundane and tiring affairs…
Amarnath temple- shivji - kashmiri life

Security arrangements in place for a religious trek to Amarnath Yatra

The Amarnath temple (the adobe of immortality), located in Jammu…
flavors of kashmir- kashmiri life

Tracing the flavors of Kashmir spices

Kashmir along with its beauty is famous for the mouth-watering…
Dances-Of-Kashmir - kashmiri life

Famous Folk Dance forms of Kashmir

The city of Jammu and Kashmir reflects its myriad culture in…
kashmir tour | Kashmirilife

5 things that should be in your bucket list during Kashmir tour

1.Applaud the beauty of Dal Lake on a Shikara : Cruising…
Kashmiri life | Thangka Paintings of Ladakh

The Famous Thangka Paintings of Ladakh

While wandering in Ladakh, have you ever come across the Thangka…
kashmiri life | Kashmir Culture , food

The Traditional Kalari Cheese of Jammu and Kashmir

Just like the incredible beauty of Jammu and Kashmir, the flavors…
shikara ride to the floating vegetable market

Floating Vegetable Market-A Must Visit Market in Kashmir's Dal Lake!

When we think of Srinagar, we think of the magnificent Dal Lake…
kashmiri life | Kashmir Culture , food

Asia’s Largest Tulip Fest Starts From 1st April in Jammu and Kashmir!

Many of us might not know that the Asia’s largest Tulip garden…


kashmiri life | Kashmir Culture , beauty

Kashmir Travel

The Amar Mahal Palace is a palace in Jammu which has now been converted into a Museum. Read More….

kashmiri life | Kashmir Culture , beauty

Arts and Culture

Music has ancient roots in Jammu and Kashmir. The Kashmiri music represents the melodic heritage and the refined inheritance of the state. Read More…

kashmiri life | Kashmir Culture , food


The Coach Behind the little World Champions of Kashmir. Read More…

kashmiri life | Kashmir Culture , beauty

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